William “Bill” McArthur


Mcarthur, bill 2William “Bill” Junior McArthur, passed away in Guthrie, Oklahoma on May 3, 2015, at the age of 90. Bill was born on February 9, 1925, to Perry William and Etta (Stewart) McArthur in Depew, Oklahoma.

He joined the Civilian Conservation Corps at 17, where he learned to operate a caterpillar and other heavy equipment. Bill proudly served his country in WWII. He joined the Navy (Seabees) and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in the liberation of the Philippines. He was a Machinist Mate First Class. Bill loved to talk about his service and stories from his military career.

He married Marjorie Ruth Ford on June 8, 1946. From this union two sons were born, Billy and Warren. Bill was a truck driver and in the trucking industry for many years. In retirement, Bill and Ruth loved to travel and saw a large portion of the western United States together.

Bill was preceded in death by his parents, his wife Ruth, and two sons Billy and Warren, sisters Violet Potter and Ruth Kidd, and nephew Glenn Agan. He is survived by a brother Bob McArthur, nephew Donald Kidd, nephew Billy Ray Kidd, niece Norma Howell, niece and caregiver Mary Anne Agan, and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

Graveside services for Bill will be Wednesday 10:00 a.m., May 6, 2015, at Fort Gibson National Cemetery.


  1. I wish I was able to have known Bill McArthur the way others remember him. We at Willow Creek never got to hear his stories or learn about him as most people get to learn of others. Everything in which I had known was through reading about him, stories shared by family, and our limited experiences we have shared with him. I miss his kind smile, his meticulous ways, and his quest to for sweets. I miss expecting him to come by and pay us a visit or several visits in the office each day. He did not have to say a word as just being there with the smile on his face and his loving demeanor say it all. We did not get to experience the best of times for Bill but I promise the times we had I would not trade for the world. I look up to you Bill with great respect and admiration. You forever will be a hero and a friend. God Bless you Bill.

  2. What a wonderful man! Everyone at Willow Creek knows that I am extremely partial to Bill and he was my favorite resident. I will miss him everyday. His family indicated that the Bill they knew was the same Bill we knew in his later years. He was kind and soft spoken and always had smiling eyes. I will miss the times he came in my office eating candy and straightening my desk. I will miss seeing him everyday.
    We have an intergenerational pre k at Willow Creek and he loved the children and they loved him. We have the most wonderful pictures of him with the children. They called him “Poppa Bill”.
    My staff was very, very kind and loving and took exceptional care of Bill. I will forever be grateful to staff for the care they provided over the years. They cared for him in ways I cannot and it goes without saying they did it with the upmost respect and love for this wonderful man. Anyone who knew Bill McArthur was better for it. He was an icon at Willow Creek and we will miss him.
    We are grateful to his family for allowing us the honor and privilege to take care of Bill.
    Dear Bill,
    Thank you for being the man you were. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with me. You are one of a kind. Some people are carried in your heart forever after they pass on and you are that person. I’m blessed to have known you and blessed that you loved me! I will miss you more that you will ever know.
    Until I see you again my friend,

  3. Papa Bill was very special to me and my little ones in my Intergenerational Pre-K class. He was the one who introduced me to life at Willow Creek three years ago. He always came by my classroom with a smile and loved looking around and straightening up my messy shelves, which was often, Heeheehee!!! He even wanted to help my daughter paint the tree she was putting on my wall for me!!! When you looked into Papa Bill’s eyes you could see a life of love, hope, strength, forgiveness, happiness, family, and gentleness. They say when you look into a person’s eyes you can see their soul. If this is true, Papa Bill had the kindest soul there ever was. My little ones were drawn to Papa Bill as he was to them. It was nothing short of a miracle when my little ones would run up to him and give him a hug!!! He would look right at them, smile, say thank you, and converse and connect in a way only God could be responsible for. When my little ones were around, Papa Bill had new life. Life is always better in the arms of an angel and Papa Bill had all kinds of angels around him. We love you Papa Bill!!! You will be forever in our hearts!!!
    Love always,
    Rhonda Gillett Intergenerational Pre-K teacher at Willow Creek

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