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Dr. Stephen Allen Gickgick, stephen


Dr. Stephen Allen Gick, 72, of Edmond, Oklahoma passed over in his home on Nov. 13th at 6:20 p.m. His cause of death was heart failure.

Stephen was an orthopedic surgeon who practiced medicine for 43 years. He contributed to helping mankind with bone and joint issues, helping them mentally and physically with the surgical skills and spiritual awareness of their needs. He often said, “If God was in this room right now how would he help you?” Encouraging the patient to look for their spiritual strength inside. His kind and gentle soul always went to the heart of people to help figure out what caused this tragic event in their lives.

Stephen looked at life as a great adventure. He was a great delegator. He loved to make long to do list to accomplish. He would then hand them to his wife Pam and say this is what needs to be done.

He was a loving spouse, father, brother, and grandfather. One of his greatest joys in later years was spending time with his grandchildren.

A synopsis of his life can be illustrated by his belief that what he did for himself died with him. What he did for others and the world remains immortal.

Special thanks to Oklahoma Heart Hospital and staff. Contributions can be made to the American Heart Association if desired.

A memorial service will be held at 7:00 p.m.  on Friday, November 20, 2015 at the Unity Church Spiritual Life Center.

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  1. Abdul B Khan MD

    He was a great man with great spirit . He was a great friend of mine , friend of all his patients and collegues. His dedication to patient’s care was unpararelled . World has lost a great man, a great surgen and a great human being.
    May God bless him in highest place in the heaven. Amen.

  2. George Golightly

    Dr Stephen Gick was a great physcian, and caring and compasinate man. He as the physician we should all strive to be. We lost a great individual, and a caring and talented surgeon

  3. Amin Kamyar, MD

    I am very sorry to hear about Dr. Gick’s passing. I liked him very much. I remember him as a calm, and gentle person. I know he was a great doctor, and I know his patients liked him very much. After he left Baton Rouge, I missed him. He and I talked about spiritual things a few times. It was obviousl he had come to his beliefs with much thought and dedication. He is up there somewhere right now, if that is possible at all, smiling gently at us. May he rest in peace.

  4. My heart goes out to the Family of Dr. Gick , who as my own personal physician. I appreciated him very much and loved his wry sense of humor, his caring spirit and his love for God. He was already missed from our practice and will now be totally missed in our fellowship not only by his colleagues, but his patients and those he sought to help on mission trips. It was a privilege to have shared a working place with him.

  5. Erin Derbigny

    Dr. Gick was one of the first people to welcome me when I first started practicing. He warm smile and geniune kindness with be greatly missed. God bless him and the entire Gick family.

  6. I so enjoyed working with Dr. Gick, he will be missed. My prayers are with the Gick family and friends at this time!

  7. Mary Burt, LPN

    Dr. Gick was a very kind and sweet man that had an infectious smile. I was privileged to meet him, and honored to work with him. His dedication, care and compassion to his patients was always present and inspiring. His smile will be remembered and missed. Blessings to his family.


    Words cant explain the greatness that Dr. Gick showed to not only his patient’s but his staff as well. I worked with Dr.Gick for 2 years in ortho and he was always the same ol cheerful Dr.Gick day to day, thanks for the things that you taught me and just for being you. My prayers and thoughts are with the Gick family

  9. Christopher Grenier

    Stephen is one of those rare people you may be fortunate enough to meet that imbues those around him with his gentle, confident spirituality. Despite the many stressful aspects of career in spinal surgery he was never without his calm warm smile and his ability to find a kind word. My thoughts and condolences to Stephen’s family.

  10. Lisa Alleman

    Dr Gick was an excellent ortho surgeon who treated his patient with care and compassion. He was a great role model to all providers at Ochsner.
    Prayer go out to his family.

  11. Monique Otto MA II Team Lead Primary Care

    Dr. Gick was that special shinning light in the world of Orthopedics. He would make his patients feel as if he only was taking care of them. He shinning light will be missed here on Earth but it will continue to shin bright in Heaven. Every time we look up we can see a BIG BRIGHT STAR and know it is DR Gick looking at us all. Prayers to the Gick family at this time of sorrow.

  12. Monica Fefie, LPN

    Dr. Gick was a very kind and sweet man whom i had the pleasure to work with. He was a physician who worked from his heart and his hands
    His smile would reached your heart once he stepped into the building. I was privileged to work in the department with him, and honored to work as his nurse. His dedication, care and compassion to his patients will be missed. His smile will be remembered by many and for years to come. My heart filled Blessings to his family. Thank you all for sharing Dr S.Gick with the Ochsner Family.
    We Loved Him.
    His Nurse Monica Fefie,LPN

  13. Shawn Clinger

    I have been working in Orthopedics at Ochsner Baton Rouge clinics for the past 3 years and I am reminded daily by our patients of how I really missed out on meeting and working alongside an amazing person and doctor. Each patient of his that comes in to see us, shares with great enthusiasm the experiences they had with him. Most stories relate to his smile and joy. Just in recent weeks I have been told about how he would go skipping down the halls or skip into a room. In my 26 years of nursing I’ve never known a doctor that would go skipping anywhere let alone at work. He sounds like another “Patch Adams” of the medical world. So I’m thankful that even though I didn’t get to know Dr. Gick that the staff and patients at Ochsner have shared their memories with me and others. We can all aspire to have the personality that he had and relate better to our patients and to each other as brothers and sisters. Practice Humility. Life, Light and Love. Peace Profound.

  14. Lanzena A. Johnson

    I had the pleasure of seeing Dr Gick 2 or 3 times for a chronic tingling in my rt. arm/hand. Eventhough it was an uncomfortable situation, I felt better just seeing him and knowing he was trying to find out what was wrong. He made you feel as though he really cared for you and what was going on with you. I’ve been singing his praises since I saw him. He was special!!! I work in the Call Center at Summa and the pt still call and ask for him, and then inquiring as to where her is? What an impact he made at Ochsner and I am sure everywhere he went. May he rest in Peace.

  15. Bahij Khuri MD

    I was very blessed to have met DR GICK as a colleague patient and my physicioan at the Ochsner clinic.He was a great kind gentle human being in addition to being an excellent caring physician .He is a great loss to all of us .My deepest sympathy to his family.God bless and may he rest in peace

  16. Carla Brashear-Duplechin LPN

    I am writing this with a very heavy heart. Dr. Gick is not only missed by me, but by all his former patients. Not a day goes by that at least one of our patients asks about Dr. Gick. All have expressed concern, shared wonderful memories, and praised him for his excellent bedside manner and the care and compassion he gave them as he treated them. I can honestly say that what his patients spoke of were all true. I experienced the humor, the caring, gentle demenor and the awesome bedside manner first hand. From watching him playfully skip down the hallway, to the comfort he gave when discussing surgery, he tops the list of my all time favorite doctors. You will be greatly missed. My prayers and blessings go out to his family in this difficult time.

  17. Donna Williams, LPN

    Dr Gick was a great physician and a gifted surgeon. I knew him not only as a nurse but as his patient. He will truly be missed.

  18. Theodore Knatt, M.D

    I had the pleasure of having conversations with Dr. Gick. He was a
    very professional and selfless individual that did not mind sharing a part of his life story. My condolences to the family.

    Theodore Knatt, M.D.

  19. Nicole Charlet, MA II (ENT Ochsner)

    Dr. Gick was my surgeon…he was the BEST! His smile made you know that everything was going to be ok. It saddens me to hear of his passing. A truly remarkable man and MD. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends…which I know are many!

  20. Catherine Gahn

    Dr. Gick was truly a blessing in the life of many and also in my life not only helping build my Nurse Practitioner skills in orthopedics, but also enhanced life skills. He was a great mentor and a supreme example of compassion and love for all. God Bless Dr. Gick and his family he is missed.

  21. Michael Morgan

    I first met Steve when I became his patient and he performed carpal tunnel surgery on my hands. Later he operated on my family members and we became friends. I quickly realized that he was a special human being who cared greatly about people and their lives. His work as more than a job – it was a calling.

    Steve spread optimism in his manner, professionalism in his work, and love in his heart. He certainly touched the lives of those who were lucky enough to know him.

    Love and prayers to his family.

  22. Jodi (Lecker) Regulski PA-C

    I just heard of Dr. Gicks passing. Dr. Gick was not only an amazing surgeon, but he was a great man all around. He was kind, compassionate, and caring. The world has lost a great person. My deepest sympathy goes out to Pam and the entire family. You are all in my prayers.

  23. Melissa Matthews Bordelon

    Dr. Gick helped me recover from Avascular Neucrosis I had gotten from taking steroids for two months of my life due to a brain tumor. I was probably 21 or 22 years old when I first saw him. He was such a sweet doctor, my absolute favorite one yet! I always continue to think about Dr Gick, and will always remember him fondly! I want to thank him so very much for replacing both of my hips and both of my shoulders! He did the very first “new” shoulder replacement in the state of Louisiana on me! My shoulders still have excellent movement!!! Dr Gick is most definitely missed!!!

    1. Teresa/Unruh-Orosco

      Bless you for a great patient testament. He was a good man. He saved my leg from amputation. And I want to say it was a mangled mess. You would have loved his PA Don back in Oklahoma in the 80’s& 90’s where I lived. Oh how I wished I had known he was back in Oklahoma. I am sorry I didn’t get to attend the service. Hope you have many more great years with your new hips & shoulders.

  24. Teresa/Unruh-Orosco

    I still remember in April of 1982, I grabbed Dr. Gick by the lab coat as he and PA Don was existing Mercy through the ER. My husband & I had just been brought in by ambulance after a motorcycle wreck. I was in so much pain I grabbed him & asked loudly “are you a doctor”???? Can you please help us? He replied, “yes I am”. Instructed the staff to get us to surgery. Within minutes we were in surgery. He and Don looked tired after a long day, but he went that extra mile for two bikers in terrible shape after a car turned into our lane going 50 mph. He was a good man and was tearful when he passed. It’s been awhile, but he deserved blessings from his patients that loved him for his true love of helping one in need.

  25. Maurice Rizzo Jr.

    I broke my hand in the early 80sandDr. Gick took care of me. I was a hairdresser and he casted my hand so I was still able to work. I’m almost 65 years old now. My granddaughter who is 6 years old recently broke her pinky on her right hand. She just had surgery to have it fixed. This happening brought back memories of when Dr. Gick helped me. I decided to Google him and found that he had passed. The Holy Spirit through God the Father and Jesus is always at work if you keep them close. God wanted me to know Dr. Gick had passed. Now I will always remember to pray for His soul in the future and hopefully see him in Heaven in the future. Sincerely in Jesus Christ, Maurice Rizzo Jr. … Oklahoma city. Rest in Peace Dr. Gick.

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