Sharlea ‘Lea’ Green Jones Hopkins

Sharlea ‘Lea’ Green Jones Hopkins

1967 – 2014

Hopkins, SharleaSharlea “Lea” Green Jones Hopkins climbed the stairway to heaven on April 7, 2014. She was born on October 17, 1967, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Her hobbies included making jewelry, collecting dolls, shopping; and, listening to music. Lea was a great listener, we felt so comfortable talking to her about anything. She would just listen to you without judgement and give a different perspective. Lea had a passion for fashion and took her fashion cues from no one. She was a great pet parent and she loved her miniature yorkie, her black cat Taboo; and, her crazy blind cat who everyone was terrified of. Lea always had a smile on her face, nothing could hold her down. Lea is survived by husband Nathaniel Hopkins, sisters: Corliss Jacintho, Donna Tench, Joan Greene, Dr. Dorothea Gordan, Stacey Jones, Sloane Greene; and, brother Shawn Greene, as well as a host of nieces ( two of which she was especially close to – Matisha Chao and Amy Greene) and nephews. Preceding her in death are her parents Stephen and Frances Greene; and her brother Stephen Greene. Lea was a seeker for peace which she has now found. Lea you are loved and missed and will never be forgotten. May you Rest in Peace, our dear sister.

We are filled with encouragement and overflowing joy, despite all our troubles.
2 Corinthians 7:4 – May The Lord keep you now and forever.

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  1. Stacey Jones

    Lea – On Sunday, September 27, 2015, Sloane called me and told me that you died. I screamed “oh, my God, oh my God” and then she said wait wait, she died on April 7, 2014; and, I screamed, NO!!! She told me she found out on your Facebook profile (by the way isn’t technology wonderful). I was not a Facebook so I reactivated my account to look for you. I searched under Haneefah Berry, Sharlea Jones; and, even Sharlea Greene; and, I could not find you. She told me she “Googled” your name and it brought her to a website which confirmed that you are dead. I just kept on crying. I was so angry that I did not get to say good-bye. But I sat down and said I get it, I understand. Well, I could not let it go so what did I do, I took action, I called the funeral home to try to obtain your ashes but they are with Nate (damn it – and I had the perfect spot you over my fireplace). I also spoke to your pastor and he stated you died suddenly and was sorry that the family was not aware of your death. He said you were a sweet person and Nate adored you – you were the seeker of peace. And, you were the seeker of peace. I am so happy that you have found your peace and you will always be in my heart. I am going to miss talking to you about finding fabulous deals on “Coach” purses. You loved designer purses especially “Coach.” I remember when you called me, begging me, to sell you some of my Barbie Dolls from my Bryon Lars collection; and, I said no. But, you were so happy when I gave you a Tiffany Taylor doll for Christmas to add to your doll collection. By the way, I bought that doll Tiffany Taylor because I was so jealous of you and Sloane when Ma bought her for you and Sloane. Ma said I was too old to play with dolls so when no one was around, I use to sneak in our bedroom at Navaho Court and play with your Tiffany Taylor doll. So let us talk about being sneaky, you are so busted!!! I never said anything but when I used to go to work, you would wear my clothes and put them back in my dresser drawer. My boyfriend would say to me, hey I saw you at hanging out at Lynn Commons; and, I would say no I was at work. Didn’t think anything of it. Then it happened again! My boyfriend would say to me, hey, I saw you at walking through downtown Lynn today and I called out to you but you ignored me; and, I would say once again “no” I was at work. Then he said you had on your cute little yellow short set that I like. Now something fishy is going on. I could not be in two places at once – could I? I did not have a clone – oh, but I did!!! Come to find out, it was you wearing my clothes and running around Lynn. I never said anything though. I did not see the harm – I thought it was funny and you thought you were slick. Well I gotta go but I am happy to know that you got your wings and I have an Angel watching out for me. Save a place for me, cause yah know, I will be seeing you on day!!! I love you Lea. Oh and by the way, enjoy your upcoming birthday looking down on us from Heaven – I will have a drink for you and in honor of your birthday and guess what! I bought a “Coach” purse which states “Wanted” on it which is fitting huh because we found you! Love Stacey

  2. We had so many moments that I will always keep in my heart. Shopping in Boston at The Limited in Faneuil Hall (I’ll never forget my favorite pair of green jeans we bought) I remember learning how to make bracelets (I still have mine) and earrings to but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to that part. Going to your job when you worked at the radio station in Boston. My favorite time was feeling so comfortable talking to you about anything and not being judged; you just listening and giving me a different perspective. TABOO your black cat to this day cats freak me out. I love you so much and I will never forget our talks, laughs and even the times we cried. One thing that bonds all of us in our family is music. We all love music! It heals the soul. Each moment molded and helped me be the woman I am today. I love you auntie!!!

    Your Niece

  3. Lea – Donna wanted to share this Psalms verse for you, unfortunately she does not have access to the internet so I am sending this on Donna’s behalf.

    Psalms for Lea – He walks with me through green pastures; He lies with me down besides still waters. Certainly goodness and love shall follow me my whole life through and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord my whole life long.

    Donna Tench

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