Robert Stuart Hirsch

Robert Stuart Hirsch

December 27, 1965 September 12, 2013

Dixie 12Robert Stuart Hirsch was the first born, named for his father and great-grandfather. A gifted artist who filled his parent’s home with art, family portraits and a great deal of love. He was particularly fond of his mother and she in turn loved him dearly. LSU and the Saints were his teams and Cajun food his passion. A lifelong model airplane enthusiast he was constantly building such for the sheer joy of it and often gave away models to young kids. His Dad and Brother will miss his infectious and spirited laugh and how he readily helped others. Gregarious would describe him well.

He is survived by his father Bob, Brother Chuck and nephews Wiley and Cole and his two ever faithful companions Oskie and Jack.

We will miss him greatly and think of him every day.

He is with God and his recently passed mother Dixie, of that we are sure. And, we will rejoice because we know he and his mother are now at peace and reside in Heaven together.

Services celebrating Rob’s life will be held in conjunction with his mother’s service at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Matthews Funeral Home Chapel with interment to follow at Gracelawn Cemetery.

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    1. Rob would be laughing his most boisterous at this. Especially the clerical error. Ty for the levity and reminding me of a funnier happier night.

      1. I remember you Kat. Rob thought highly of you. You were one of his close friends.

        1. Thank you for saying so. Have no idea how much that means to me. Your words are very special. Ty ty ty

      2. I’m just going to say this. The $12 debt was a joke. Rob had a great sense of humor. Now, I haven’t lived in or even been to Oklahoma in over 15 years. That week that Rob died, two extremely strange occurrences happened two days apart that just made me think of Rob. These to incidents just made me think “oh, that’s Rob Hirsch” Two very strange things, two days apart. I decided to look Rob up, and found that he had died three days prior. I think Rob said goodbye to some folks on his way out. True story.

  1. Mary Kate Danaher

    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there; I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the diamond glints on the snow,
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    When you awaken in the morning’s hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there; I did not die.

    Mary Elizabeth Frye

  2. Brandon French

    Sometimes I just break out into maniacal laughter thinking about Rob. After spending nearly two full decades drinking himself into a zombie like state, sleeping until 2pm on the reg and turning what was once a middle class home into a shell of what it once was (if you had ever seen and smelled the inside of that house, you know it is going to have to be demolished, if only for the health and safety of the surrounding neighbors), he dies doing what he loved. This was Rob’s end: like most days it began at an ungodly early 2:00pm, rolled out of bed into the pile of decayed pile of laundry that was his bedroom floor since 1989, dogged a few a few phone calls and knocks on the door from somebody trying to collect a debt while drinking whatever alcohol was left in the house from the night before. Flash forward to about 6pm, Rob gets a ride to a nasty dive bar in Edmond where he is assaulted by senior citizen, Bruce Garrison, within minutes of arriving. Rob not feeling so hot hails a cab and instructs the driver to take him to Buffalo Wild Wings, then home, Rob dies on the way home in the back seat of a yellow cab with a bag of hot wings in his lap, and the driver delivers his corpse up to his front door. In the words of Mark Furman, “You simply would not believe the stories that come out of Oklahoma unless you saw them for yourself.”

    1. Brandon french youre pitiful. I agree with her.
      How muserable are you? Cant you get less unhappy so peple dont have to read venom you spew about dead people? When they areht anle to defend themselves. Well touche guess what i dug up you, incidentally?

      Ah. And not to be read here but google your own name. BRANDON F. SUPRIISE for your eyez.

      Rob hirsch was a great guy. No ones perfect he was no perfection. Aaaannd? What else? He never hurt anyone an occisional fight with a young sibling when he also was a child…
      In case you cant read, he was physically attacked just prior to his death. A man was charged in connect. Like that gal says brdal your thoughts and your tongue too. Ior maybe someone will cut yours out! THAT PARTS FROM ME too.
      Your best day mr brandon french coundt compare to rob hirsc on his worst day ever.

      Your own personal hell will be when youre a mute, mr french. Que sera
      Rip Rob

    2. I don’t know who you think you are but if I ever get the opportunity to meet you mr. French, I will make sure u know and understand what damage you’re irronious and slanderous words have done.
      Rob doesn’t deserve ur bull shi*e and neither do his loved ones. Let’s see what you say when ur not spewing sewage from behind a screen. I’ll be happy to meet you at Majors. Or anywhere else to discuss further.

    3. I think I know who you are Brandon. There’s two Brandon French’s in Oklahoma City. After looking into it, I’m 90% sure I know which one you are. Brandon’s your middle name, correct?

  3. Kim Morton Pennington

    So I get the feeling this is a site for haters and debt collectors. Oops. Is the above commentary meant to be humorous? Opp Well, hahaha. I guess. Thing is, I don’t find it a bit amusing. No.
    As it’s been said the evil you do will follow you.. Etc etc. along with that one simple term:
    Tenfold. Ring a bell?
    Indeed, and for that “tenfold” I wonder will 10 people stand in front of your family (and friends if you have any) and spit hate eur body lie peacefully in a casket
    All I really could think as I read your PIECE was
    I do pray God will show this creature mercy.

    Chose your words. Oops. You sure did.
    Likewise, chose your thoughts !
    Bridle those the same way you should bridle the tongue. But then you don’t seem the type to BRIDLE anyt.matter though , you can’t hide from God. He knows everything you say and do, He knows your thoughts.

    Kim Morton-Pennington

    1. That message was to Brandon French, who shared a quite thoughtless distortion of Rob. Who will be remembered as a loving sensitive and caring person.
      Dare I wonder for what Mr Brandon French aka… Might be remembered by. Rip Rob. I got your back down here. <3

      1. Brandon French

        Don’t know Kim, but I can tell you what you’ll be remembered for. Writing bogus checks, obtaining money under false pretenses, conning people out of money. suspended license and driving under suspension. You’re quite a piece of work Kim. Grow up, you don’t have anybody’s back and there is no “up there”. You can’t even take care of yourself. Kim, you’re just another female loser in Oklahoma. No wonder J.P. divorced you. Smart man.

        1. Yeah, I know who this guy is. Need to find out who Bo is and send him French’s info.

  4. In all the time I knew Rob, he was always very respectful and courteous and also very helpful. I suppose if ever he owed me a few bucks…THAT’D BE MY OWN FAULT and it must take someone who is very lacking, to be so contemptuous to post something about a lousy 12$. What a pity. For that you might be extra careful who you chose to beg borrow or steal from.

    And to a person I wouldn’t be ashamed to call friend- Rob: I know you are now finally resting in peace.
    You deserve it.
    And for those spitting venom or hate or debt… I know now it’s only because they’re miserable with their own life.
    But only they can change that.

    Rip Rob.
    You deserve much BETTER.
    RESPECTFULLY… Kim Morton (Pennington)

    1. Kat Johnson

      I’m sorry that Todd’s post about 12$ was upsetting. If I wouldn’t have been in on the joke I would be made af. Pardon my parlayence. This is neither my duty nor my office but please, accept my apologies for any offense Todd caused (incidentally Todd, don’t give me any shite about making apology for you either… Call it my last blank check) Rob is very dear to us both and Todd has shitty timing and a more pragmatic and morose sense of grieving than most. I assure you, he meant no harm or ill will. Again I am sorry the post has upset anyone. I hope oneday we can meet and reminisce bout our Rob.
      He would dig the heck out of that. Thank you for taking the time to read this and your patience and understanding.

      Love to All,
      “Bonehead” aka Kat ❤️

      And Todd, think before u post for f&cks sake!!! Or I’ll kick ur arse myself… ty.

  5. Marie Helm

    I first met Rob when he was a young teenager. We had just moved to the neighborhood where he lived with his family. Our son was so devastated by our move to a place faraway from hour former home and his best friend that he spent the first week hiding in his closet -especially whenever the doorbell rang. Our son’s friend was suffering from lukemia and he understood that he would soon lose this special friend forever. Robby (as he was called at that young age) came to introduce himself. When I explained the situation, Robby asked if could sit by the closet door and just talk to our son. He came everyday for about a week always bringing some interesting toy and talked to our son through the closed closet door. About the third or 4th day, our son finally opened the door and they began to play and get acquainted. We lived in that neighborhood about 7 years before my husband’s job once again took us to another faraway place.

    In response to the negative comments posted above, I would say that a very rare individual who could not benefit by learnaing to be be more compassionate and kind, and unfortunately very few of us can claim to lived a flawless life. But I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL for the courage, gentleness and kindness Robby exemplified in his desire to make a frightened, sad and lonely young boy begin to find a sense of home and belonging in a new place. We can all learn from his example. BRAVO Robby! You are remember with great fondness and gratitude by our family.

  6. I met Rob during high school, great loving spirit, fun, and opinionated. He marched to the beat of his own drummer and did not care what others thought. Rob was relentlessly positive and loved interaction with people. Rob was not born to lead a normal life because normal was not fun for Rob. And to Marie Helm, thank you for sharing that story, we can all see Rob doing that, what an act of kindness! Rob is in a better place, lived hard, lived fun, died young… God Bless you Rob

  7. Sorry I’m late, I knew Rob from a ways back. I have been away doing other things. This is to the man that lost his temper with my old friend. I’m 6’4 260…… Lose your temper with me Bruce. This is how I find my good friend after all these years……we better never cross paths, if we do, we have a discussion to take care of. Rob never got over the lose of his great wife, and he goes out like this, your lucky I was not around, I fight for your freedom and you fight over a bar stool, idiot. Rob will never be forgotten…… Bruce should be rotting in prison.

    1. $12 + 23% apr. Rob didn’t have to best credit. He owes me $28.56 plus a $5 mandatory processing fee. $32.56 should cover it now. Let me know when I can come collect on that big boy Bo.

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