Robert J. “Bob” Ablah

Robert J. “Bob” Ablah

October 24, 1950 – December 25, 2020 

Robert J. Ablah, 70, passed away Friday, December 25, 2020.  He was born October 24, 1950 in Wichita, Kansas.  He has been married to his wife Mary for 42 years.  He was dedicated to Chanel 4 News for 34 years and retired as the Director of Engineering and Operations.

Robert is survived by his wife Mary Ablah; his three children, DeDe Shrock (David), RJ Ablah (Brooke), and Kimberly King (Toby); his grandchildren Brittany Cook, Bryce Cook, Austin King, and Brandon King;  his siblings Carol L. Sherman (George), Frank Jay Ablah, Nellie J. Haile, and George Jeffrey Ablah (Jodi); his nieces and nephews David Sherman, Chris Sherman (Melissa), Spencer Sherman (Lindsey), Christopher Jeremy Ablah, Benjamin Joshua Ablah, Riley Michelle Ablah, Nathanial Justin Ablah, Elijah Jared Ablah, Ashley Tanner (Jed), Jeremiah Haile, Zechariah Haile, Erin Haile, Grace Haile, Jake Ablah (Justine), Peach Ablah, Elle Ibarra (Salvador); and last but not least his faithful furry companions, Laci and Candi.

Robert was preceded in death by his father George J. Ablah, Mother Virginia L. (Findlay) Ablah, brother-in-law Jerry Haile, grandfather Earl R. Findlay, grandmother Mabel Louise Hornbaker-Findlay, Aunt Betty Carol Townsend and infant brother Earl Jack Ablah, Grandfather Frank Ablah and Grandmother, Nellie Ablah.

There will be a come and go memorial at their home on Saturday January 9, 2020 from noon to 3 p.m.

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  1. Carol Louise Ablah Sherman,

    Robert, I will miss you so very much. You have been with me from the beginning and watching out for me and taking care of me. So much fun, and yet hard times, when we were young. You taught me to ride a bike, how to get down the stairs quickly, and how to really celebrate Christmas with lights under our pillows. You were by my side when we were at the babysitters because Mom had to work late, and we stood together when we were blessed with our new Dad. We caught tadpoles, we rode horses, we rode a bus for over an hour to school each day. We had so much joy and fun welcoming our siblings, Jay, Nellie and Jeff; and some of the pranks we all played on Mom and Dad were epic. Then in highschool, your friends sometimes became my boyfriends. And the parties we had on Cork. Even the nuns and priests had fun. I loved your cologne and it always preceded you into a room. Ha ha. Your smile was the best!!! The love you had for all of us [your brothers and sisters] was wonderful even if we weren’t together often. You will be missed so very much but we will be with you again with our Lord and Savior. Until then, smile and rejoice.

    1. Nellie Haile

      Carol, that was a beautiful tribute. I loved him so so much. I miss him already. Thank God he has no pain anymore. Thank you Carol for writing this.

    2. Carol, you truly made me smile. I know the rest of the story about that first bike ride. He didn’t teach her he pushed her and told her to ride. He told her lightning would get her and slammed the door in her face and I have never seen two siblings as close as those twol

  2. William J. Lambert

    Went to a Christmas party at Bob and Marys home many years ago and brought along our then 3 Year Old granddaughter. Her parents had just gone through a rocky divorce, we explained to Bob. Bob said, “this party is especially for You!”, he said to her. He was a perfect host to all, but he made sure attention was made to our granddaughter. We’ve never forgotten his kindness.

  3. Pat and Gary LaGrow

    Mary, we are saddened to hear of Bob’s passing. We had so much fun with you and Bob on our adventures to PF Chang‘s and to watch the Thunder play! We remember fondly how he teased Gary about eating a piece of 5-layer chocolate cake after his meal of Chinese food. 🙂

    We also appreciate how Bob generously shared his expertise, time and talent in our neighborhood keeping the front gates going well past their prime.

    May God bless you with peace and comfort as only He can.

  4. Jesse Pelfrey

    We send our sincere condolences to you Mary.
    Bob will be missed in more ways than one can imagine. If you need anything, even someone to talk with, you have our number.
    Rest In Peace my Friend and we hope there is plenty of Iced Peach Tea in Heaven.
    Jesse and Cristalle Pelfrey

  5. Hey Big Brother, I couldn’t have spoken better than our sister Carol. She summed it up quite well but I do remember some of our special times at the Remington Racetrack in OKC, Juniors, and our late into the night poker games. We both got pretty stupid when we started tipping the bottle but that is what created a lot of the memories. They still make me laugh today. Those are memories I will always treasure.
    Love You, Lil Bro ❤️

  6. leonard "leo" jochems

    I was a year behind Bob at Kapaun, but I was one of several guys who hung around with him before school and after lunch. I also remember a tremendous cast party at the Ablah mansion in Vickeridge. I Haven’t seen Bob since high school, but please accept my sincere condolences.

  7. Kimberly King

    Dad – although we weren’t close as I was growing up, I cherished the times we did have together. On my 5th birthday you brought me a bike – it was my favorite!
    As an adult, we grew closer and realized how much we were alike! I will always remember the smell of your cologne, how particular you were when it came to your iced tea, how you loved chocolate & desserts! You had an amazing smile and a laugh that was so contagious! You loved all of your gadgets and taught me so much!!
    You showed me love & acceptance.
    You would call me on the weekends to wake me up at 7am…always with the same greeting “Good Morning Princess! Time to get up, you don’t want to waste the whole day!”
    I will treasure our times and my memories…I promise not to waste the days!
    I love you.
    Your Princess, Kimberly

  8. Nicholas Ryan Horak

    Hey Bob. I miss you dearly, I just found out you passed. I’m sorry I didn’t keep up with you. There was so much in life I wanted to talk to you about. Harbor Freight wasn’t the same without you. I think Jerred and I are going to get together this Wednesday. He and I are pretty torn up. It’s a shame I only knew you for the little time I did. Bob you helped me grow up, I’ll never forget you. Love you buddy. Mary, if you see this and need anything, Jerred and I are always here to help.

  9. I knew Bob from HS, and remember the cast party that Leonard talked about. He was the perfect year-older student to run around with. My condolences to the family, and to Carol whom I also knew well.

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