Robert G. Morrison, II

Robert G. Morrison, II

1960 – 2020

Services pending.

10 thoughts on “Robert G. Morrison, II”

  1. Kathy Sizer

    I am so sad to hear of Bob’s passing. My sincere condolences to his family. I worked for him at Tinker and he was a great supervisor and an even better person. RIP my friend.

  2. Cindy Davidson

    Dearest Bob, how my heart broke this morning when I heard the horrible news of your passing. All our wonderful TDYs, long talks, and friendship are things I will charish the rest of my life. For his family, he loved you all so very much and my prayers for peace and comfort will be many. I love you Bob and will see you again. Will be expecting one of your great hugs! Praying you have finally found peace! Until we meet again my dear dear friend…..

  3. Ken Haynes

    Bob was a great guy to work with starting way back in ’92 or ’93 I think. Even tho I am long retired and I haven’t worked with Bob in a long time I have always had the greatest respect for Bob Morrison. As an engineering/technical manager Bob Morrison was not always so gentle with us contractor types at times because he always had Tinker’s mission interests first as he should. However, Bob was interested in obtaining the best solution for everyone involved. Bob maintained an unenviable position to obtain differing customer demands in support of a myriad of issues and he somehow made it happen.

    Bob you will be missed, you touched many people around the world I am glad you were in my life too. Wherever you are Just remember to not park the rental car in the no parking zone like you did in DC once and you had to bum a ride with me to go find where in that big city it got towed.

  4. Frank D'Angelo

    Bob. What can I say? I’ll always cherish our time working together. Although we went in different directions over time, you were always close, in my mind. You were both a mentor and a good friend. The voice of reason when it was needed most. And how much did we laugh? Jeez. Bridget Neilson. You got me good on that one! Good times. You will be missed. Rest in peace.

  5. I would guess probably about 25 years I would have known Bob working on programs at Tinker. Always pleasant, kind, and helpful whether we were in different offices, coworkers, or as a supervisor. Have some smooth easy flying up there in Heaven!

  6. Cynthia Tweedie

    So sorry to hear of Bob’s passing. Although he would definitely hold us to task, he was always so sweet to me when we would meet up for PMRs and other meetings. I shall have many fond remembrances of sharing a laugh…or a disagreement 🙂 Sincere condolences to Bob’s family and all who loved him.

  7. Joe Lorentzen

    Very sad to hear of Bob leaving us this early in life. He was a good guy with a strong drive and understanding of what needed to be done to deliver a great product. He was known and liked by so many. RIP my friend!


    Though you weren’t my BIL forever, you were always considered part of the Rickey family. I hope you find peace in Heaven.

  9. Rob Lundin

    Bob, Now why did you go and do that? I really enjoyed the time spent with you over the years, yes we had business to perform but it never felt like it. You taught me a lot when I first started on programs and how to deal with issues and people. I think working with people was one of your strong points and I did learn from that and I thank you. It sucks that you won’t be coming through a doorway in one of your stylish shirts and big grins, I liked the white one with the different color circles on it best. Like Frank said you really got us with Bridget Neilson, that was classic you. Rest easy my friend…

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