Robert “Bob” Meaders Jones

Robert “Bob” Meaders Jones

1942-2020Jones, Robert

Bob recently lost a three-year battle with ALS. Until the end, he remained as upbeat as possible, and insisted on making an attempt to laugh in the face of death with his faith in place and God on his side.

Bob was born to Harold Meaders & Catherine Mae Jones on September 1, 1942. He graduated from Pauls Valley High School in 1960, spent a year at Colorado School of Mines, missed his girlfriend terribly, and came back to Oklahoma to attend OU. He stumbled out of OU in 1960, got engaged and married the love of his life, Ann Welch on his birthday in 1961. He moved back to Pauls Valley and spent the next four years in the insurance business, learning how to hunt and fish.

Ann and Bob eventually moved to Norman, and Bob went to work in the financial services industry. Bob continued to expand his hunting and fishing horizons. He often referred to himself as “a jack of all trades, master of none.”

Bob spent the next forty years in the securities industry, pricing municipal bond issues. He took great pride in helping ensure the best pricing available for issuers such as the State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, Grand River Dam Authority, OMPA, and many others. All told he priced billions of dollars of bond issues, always trying to beat a few basis points out of the “New Yorkers”. Though his efforts that went largely unrecognized, he saved the citizens of Oklahoma millions of dollars in interest costs. Upon his death, after being a lifelong student of finance, he said jokingly that he never really understood where the federal reserve got their money.

In between bond deals, Bob continued to enjoy the great outdoors. He loved to play golf. For “a hacker from Pauls Valley, he got to play some pretty good tracks.” He had many good friends he played courses with all over the US, from Seminole in Florida to Olympic Club in San Francisco, to Medina in Chicago. Many of his playing partners were people in the business. In his words, “…I truly enjoyed and appreciated a lot of the people I work ‘with’…not ‘for’….”

His travels on hunting, fishing or golf trips took him from Hawaii, Argentina, Alaska, Canada, Costa Rica and many other exciting places. His favorite fish to target was Northern Pike. He was also quite content to fish in a small farm pond.

Bob was first and foremost a family man. He loved his wife Ann, and his children, Greg and Kristin. His favorite joy was travelling with his wife to Hawaii and their many trips to the mountains. He was a very proud Grandfather, and took great pride in the accomplishments of his grandson Thomas, and granddaughter Allison. He spent many hours rolling around on the floor with them having fun when they were young, and enjoyed their intense competitions as they matured.

He spent many hours as a young parent teaching Greg & Kristin and their neighborhood friends how to water-ski. He would drag kids around Lake Thunderbird or Arbuckle until he had a three-day crick in his neck from looking backwards. We had many wonderful weekends at the lake with family and good friends. Those were truly Bob’s halcyon days.

Bob was preceded in death by his parents, Catherine Mae and Harold Meaders Jones, granddaughter Lucy Fjelland Jones, nephew Clayton Lee Bettes and Melissa Shelton Burget.

He is survived by his wife of fifty-nine years, Ann Welch Jones, their son, Greg Jones and wife Karen Jones, granddaughter Allison Jech and her husband Aaron, grandson Thomas Jones; daughter Kristin Jones Shea and her husband, Marc Shea; Bob’s brother David Jones and wife Wilma Jones, niece Catherine Hayden and husband Timothy Hayden and their sons, Sam and Ben Hayden.

In Bob’s words, “I want to thank the people who took the time and trouble to stay in touch with me through this difficult period. You know who you are, and I’m truly humbled by your friendship.”

In the end, Bob wasn’t sure if the quail in Oklahoma would play out first or he would. He said it looks like a tie.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the ALS Association at, or a charity of your choice.

Due to COVID-19, there will be a small private family memorial ceremony that we live stream at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 3, 2020. To watch the service CLICK HERE to go to our YouTube page. Click on ‘Videos’, then ‘Live Streams’.

Per Bob’s wishes, a larger celebration of life will be planned at a later date.


Bob’s Service

19 thoughts on “Robert “Bob” Meaders Jones”

  1. Ann,
    You are in our thoughts and in our heart. Bob was a wonderful man who’ smile and laughter brighten the room. He will truly be missed. We love you.
    Kyle and Reyne Shelton

  2. Margo Chediak

    Ann and Family;

    Greg and I wish to express our heartfelt condolences.

    Bob led an extraordinary life.
    The angels have gained a one-in-a-million human!

    Lots of love to your family.

    Greg and Margo Chediak

  3. Wilma B. Jones

    I loved Bob as much as any biological brother could be. He was a family man. Our loss is Heaven’s gain in this extraordinary man who lived life to the fullest and faced his illness as an equal adversary to the end.

    In my last telephone conversation with him a few days ago, I teasedly asked about all his high school girlfriends, and he replied, “I didn’t have all girlfriends, only one girlfriend; and I’ve been married to her for 59 years!” Of course I knew this, but always liked to hear in his voice the love that he had for Ann when he said it.

    He will be missed.

  4. Bob was a good man who will be thought of often and missed constantly. He gave true meaning to “being your friend.” I know that I am a better person for having been able to spend time with him over the years. I am missing him already.

  5. David Bardwell

    I was lucky to have been introduced to Bob and to have been able to call him Friend. He was an inspiration to all of us as he fought with this terrible disease with his upbeat look on life. It was a complete joy to have spent a lot of time on the golf course with him. I too am a better person for having known him. I miss him and our discussions.

  6. I knew Bob for nearly 40 years. We had many great times playing golf, visiting and having lunch at Oak Tree. He was always in a good mood and entertained everyone with his stories and great sense of humor.

    My greatest memory of Bob will be the way he handled his battle with ALS. He never bemoaned his situation or felt sorry for himself. He was cheerful, friendly and was a wonderful example to his many, many friends on how to handle such a tragic fate.

    Ann, Karen and I mourn with you at this loss. Be comforted in knowing how many great friends Bob had and how much they cared for him. May God bless you and your family as you pass through this difficult time.

  7. John MacDonald

    For nearly 40 years I had the very distinct honor and privilege of knowing Bob, and I will always cherish memories of our time spent together. While we only saw each other once or twice a year for business or golf, I felt like we were brothers. Even after we retired, Bob, Dennis and I would always make time to play golf together and bring each other up to date on our respective families. The kind, thoughtful and dignified way that he dealt with ALS was truly an inspiration. I will always cherish my memories of our time together

  8. John Burchfiel

    Bob was a good friend. Whether we were hunting, fishing, golfing or just having lunch together, Bob was always a joy. However, what I most appreciated was how much he loved his family and how he would so often speak about how lucky he was to have Ann and his children. What I most admired about Bob was how he faced his affliction. He was a model for the rest of us. I will surely miss him.

  9. Dearest Ann

    Bless your heart and stay strong. Bob was truly one of the GOOD guys. After all these years I have many memories of both you and Bob. I know you will miss Bob and you are and will be in my prayers. I want to wish you well in going forward. I am so sorry for your loss. Love

    Lew Davis

  10. Clayton L. Harman

    I had only known Bob for about 20 years, but it felt as if it were a life time. I too am a better person for having know Bob Jones and am extremely lucky to have called him friend. Most of our time was spend together on the golf course and he was truly a joy to play golf with. The most complimentary play to have ever played the game. He elevated your game ever time he was in your golf group. He was a great story teller, attentive listener, had a great smile and a wonderful sense of humor. He will be missed and it was a privilege and honor to call him friend. RIP Bob

  11. No doubt about it, Bob, as many have said before me, you were one of the good guys. I never saw you anything but upbeat no matter your circumstance (except for Sunday golf sometimes lol). I have no doubt you’re going anywhere but ‘back home.’ Godspeed buddy….

  12. Pat Livingston

    I never had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Jones, but from knowing his son, Greg, I can easily infer he was a very fine man! If “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree” be indeed true, which I truly believe, the world has lost a real champ. My heart-felt condolences to his wonderful family.

  13. Gerald and Rebecca Davis

    Over the last 30 plus years our family has been blessed To have had Bob in our lives. Such a great man who has been a great example to us all. Ann and the Jones family, we hold you close to our hearts in this difficult time. Love to you all.

  14. Tom Dietrich


    The first time I met your dad, it was like meeting an older you; his sense of humor, zest for life, hard work, and love of family was something he instilled in you.
    There aren’t that many truly great men in the world, he was one of them.

    We wish you and yours the best.

    The Dietrich’s

  15. Robert McDonald

    Bob was colleague and dear friend for so many years, as was his family. Davie and I are thinking of you all

  16. Greg you gave a wonderful testiment to you dad. It was heartfelt and beautiful.
    He absolutely lived a full life, loved and was loved by many. He left his mark on this earth.
    And now he is where we all want to be!!❤️?

  17. Bill and Barbara Shelton

    A wonderful tribute to Bob. Our family has been blessed to have the Jones family joined with the Shelton family all these years. We will all miss him so. He was an example for us all, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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