Riley Andrews


Andrews, riley folder picΒ  Services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, December 29, 2012 at Matthews Funeral Home Chapel.Β  Interment to follow at Memorial Park Cemetery.

Full obituary to be posted at a later date.


    • I don’t really know what to say when it comes to these things but here it goes when my mom called me and said your name I thougbt to my self how nice you we’re. And the times we pas each other in the hall way and you’d smile and wave or the time you’d sit by me sometimes on the bus and just start talking to me oh man I still can’t believe it. R.I.P riley andrews you will always be in my heart<3

    • Riley ,

      Though I did not know you , you seemed like a very nice guy ! You were always so quiet , but always with a smile in your face. As if the world did not mean anything because you we’re our own person. Looking at all the comments we can say that you really could connect with everyone. I thought about why this happened to you? Why did your life have to be taken away so quickly? I came to conclude that god needs you up there because you are one of his precious angels and your life should be up there. Just this year I saw you and Gracen as a happy couple . I never thought you would die so sudden . I hope that you can rest in peace and hopefully we can see you again one day. You are and always will be in our memory ! πŸ™

      ~ Aerisa Shimoi

    • You were a good wrestler for summit every buddy will miss you your in a better place now you’ll always be in our prayer and in our heart.

  1. Riley,
    You were an Awesome Friend. Playing baseball and basketball with you was really fun. Knowing you since first grade and spending all those years with you was fun too. When you moved away, everyone that you knew and were friends with missed you a LOT. I still can’t believe that you passed. R.I.P buddy!

  2. Riley you were an amazing friend to me and everyone else I will miss you I love you I’m gonna miss seeing you smiling face everyday! I’m gonna miss seeing you at wrestling! Love and miss you Riley! Tell god hello for me (: <3

    • I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but what happened to Riley? Instagram is filled with pictures and comments about him and nobody will give me any answers. Please reply so I can pray for him.

      • He had the flu and it was a really bad case and he died of it because it reached his heart

  3. Riley,
    You were an amazing friend and I love you so much. I am going to miss you so much in first hour. You were the one that made it so fun.(: you will be missed very very much. You would always make me in a good mods in the morning cause of your bright smiling face. Every time I will hear the song “Before He Cheats” I will think of you.(: I wish you were here but I know your in a better place. Rest in Peace Riley<3
    Forever and Always,
    Kirsten Allbee<3(:

  4. it was so fun having you in my electives you made it so fun. i wish i had a chance to say goodbye but everytime i hear the song “i hope you dance’ ill think of you love you forever REST. IN. PEACE. Love kate moreno<3

  5. You were a wonderful friend to my son, Alex. You will be very missed by all who knew you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

  6. Riley, you were an awesome friend. I really did enjoy hanging out with you when I could. I also really enjoyed playing Xbox with you, it was really fun and Amusing. You were just an amazing person and I hope I can come to your funeral but I might not make it. Hopefully I will be able too come. Riley I really wish this didn’t happen to you, I am just devistated about this horrible situation and I know it’s alittle weird for guys to cry, but I did just alittle and you were the first death that I ever cried too. We will all miss you very dearly Riley Andrews and we all love you.

    Sincerely, Josh Barton

  7. You were so amazing. You were so smart and its hard to imagine you could even be gone in real life. I am so sorry this happened to you. You were way to young to die. Why does this have to happen to you. I remember the great times we had in 6th grade math. Even if I was having a bad day you could brighten it up. You were amazing. Although you are in a better place now we all will still miss you.

  8. Riley, I can’t believe this happend to you. You were probably one of the sweetest person I have ever met you cared about everybody and you are in a better place now. God has a plan for you and he knows best for you! I know it must me hard for the Andrews family and my prayers and thoughts all go to your family. I really only knew you because of Gracen but you always sat at the same lunch table with me and you were always so quiet but around your friends you were really outgoing. Now you are in gods hands and he will for sure take good care of you. Rest in peace Riley you are so loved and everybody is DEFINITLY going to miss your sweet and kind personality πŸ™ the Andrews family will be in my thoughts and prayers πŸ™

  9. Wow. Where do I even begin? I can’t believe this has happened. Riley Andrews I miss you more and more every second. You were so amazing. I’m so proud of all you accomplished. You were always there for me. You were such a great friend and an amazing boyfriend. I don’t know why this happened to you. You were such an amazing person. I hope God’s taking care of you up in Heaven. I love you so much. You didn’t deserve this. My thoughts and prayers are with the Andrews family. I love and miss you Riley. Rest in peace. <3

  10. Riley- An amazing friend that I have known since the 1st grade! He is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I miss your smiles and your joy that always made everybody happy when they were having a bad day. I will miss you forever and I will never forget the good times that we shared in EXPO. ❀ You forever Riley!!!! ~Adrienne Roberts

  11. Riley,
    You where so awesome !!! You where always nice to everybody and
    so sweet to Gracen. I can still picture you and Gracen, me, Ally, Lexie and Alex all sitting at the lunch table having a good time laughing. You didn’t deserve this but god has a plan for everyone even when it may not go the way we want. You are in good hands up there buddy and , nobody will ever forget you.

    R.I.P Riley ~ we love you buddy !!!

  12. Riley, you were an amazing person. I’m sorry we grew apart. On the bright side God got a new angel, and we will all miss you. I’ve known you for 6 years and a little piece of you will always be with me & with all of us. Though there were some bad times, I will always remember the good. Rest In Peace Riley.

  13. I will miss your funny personality and you were
    A awesome friend a person could ask for . <3 ~Madyson

  14. Riley I’m so sorry that this happened too u we weren’t even friends we didnt know each other but u will be missed by alot of people … Sorry this happened too u.. U will be in my prayers R.I.P Riley
    God is going to take good care of you.. We love u

  15. Riley, you were amazing. And as you can see everyone at Navo misses you terribly. Why did you have to leave? I know that you love God and that you’re prasing Him right now. So in a way I’m sure you’re fine. We all miss you and will wonder of the kind of person you would have been as we all grow older. We will cherish the moments we had together and mourn the ones we have missed. You will be in our hearts and prayers forever. You brightened people’s day and gave them something to laugh about. You were too young to go. Only 13 years. But we will all see you again someday. I’ll see you in Heaven Riley, we love you. ~Rachel

  16. Riley you were a great person you were always selfless and willing yo help other i really cant believe that you gone we all miss you so mutch i know that everything happens for a reasionbut sometimes life isnt fair and this is one of those times riley we all love you and i love you and you eill be dearly missed by everyone. They say everytime a bell rings a angel gets its wings well i just rang a bell so i hope you injoy your wings losing someone is tough and i jist wish that i didnt have to go threw it again especially when that person that we lost was you i am so sorry that this happend riley i love you,we all love you have fun up in heaven because i cant wait to see you in a few years
    -we miss and love you
    ,love sarah

  17. Riley you were a great person you were always selfless and willing yo help other i really cant believe that you gone we all miss you so mutch i know that everything happens for a reasionbut sometimes life isnt fair and this is one of those times riley we all love you and i love you and you eill be dearly missed by everyone. They say everytime a bell rings a angel gets its wings well i just rang a bell so i hope you injoy your wings losing someone is tough and i jist wish that i didnt have to go threw it again especially when that person that we lost was you i am so sorry that this happend riley i love you,we all love you have fun up in heaven because i cant wait to see you in a few years
    -we miss and love you
    ,love sarah

  18. Wow. I can’t believe this happend. That to show you how life flashes you before your eyes. I can tell you I did not rxpect this to happen. I never knew Riley that well. We used to hang out at the Basketball games with Lexie, Gracen, Ally, ect. I sure can tell you he was the sweetest thing ever. He didn’t even know me and he was so nice to me. When I found this out I really started crying, he was such an amazing person. I really don’t understand why this would happen to him. Well.. Only God knows. Now his precious soul is in the hands of Jesus. He will be taken care of in Heaven. The Andrews family, you will be in our prayers. Riley, you will be missed dearly && we love you. Stay sweet.
    Also remember..
    People say “You never know what you got till its gone.”, but I don’t agree with that. I think, “We knew what we had, we just never thought we would loose it.”
    Stay strong.<3

  19. Omg!! I cannot believe thus happened to you you were such an amazing person you were soo nice to everyone and had the most amazing personallity I knew you in the fourth and fifth grade we weren’t super close but when I did talk to you out were super nice to me anyways we all miss you and you’ll be in our memories forever we know your in a better place now with God ell take good care of you I love and hope that your in a better place πŸ™

    Love jicel,

  20. Riley even though we didnt talk alot last year when i first heard what happend
    I was really sad and i was crying about it and we use to talk alot in 3rd grade u didnt deserve this to happend to u RIP ):

  21. Riley, you were so sweet and loving towards Gracen. I remember band with John, Gracen, you, and I. We would always make up the best jokes and just have a great time. You were one of the best truphet players and you were so sweet and caring toward everyone. It’s still not real to me that you are gone, but you will never be forgotten. You are forever in our hearts. I love you and miss you Riley. See you in heaven. Prayers to the Andrew family.❀

  22. Riley, you were one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! I didn’t get to know you as well as some people, but anytime we talked you never had a bad thing to say. I really wish I could have got to know you better than I did. You, of all people, did not deserve this, but God has a plan for everyone and this is his plan for you. To go ahead and be with me. He will take care of you up there, you’re in a better place. Rest in peace, Riley. You will be missed by tons of people. Your family is in my prayers.

  23. Dear Riley,

    You were the best quarterback i ever played with. You were a really good friend to me. My prayers go out to your family. You will never be forgotten. R.I.P. -Riley

  24. Riley,
    I didn’t really know u but I talked to u once or twice all I knew is that u and gracem went out! I am so sorry about what happen!

    Rest in peace Riley!

  25. Riley. Always being selfless and helping others. I miss your funny personality and I know everyone else does too. We used to be really good friend in 4th and 5th grade. I’m sorry this had to happen to you around Christmas. I’m sorry this had to happen to you at all. I will miss you very much and the Andrews family is in my prayers. Oh and thanks for always being there for me when I needed help in elementary. Your in a better place now. God will take care of you. See you in Heaven.

  26. Riley,

    Well i am very sorry to hear this we didnt really talk but when we did u were really nice and a good hearted person when someone told me that u passed away i kinda wanted to cry its sad to think tat a stranger u really didnt know is gone just like that i honestly wishe i would have talked to you more cuz u would have been an amazin person to talk to when i was down i feel horrible and i hope thats u will keep everyone in your mind and remember us all cause j sure will stay in my mind you were a good person that did not desevere to die so young you will be missed dearly by everyone n loved all my prayers go to all the people that have passed in my life and your family im sure they r in.pain but they must know that god is keeping you safe heaven wit all the angels

    With love and friendship,
    Victoria Troche

  27. Riley, I’m gonna really miss you man. You were my best friend. I can’t believe this really happened. Who am I gonna talk to now in science, and in Spanish? I’m really sorry man. R. I. P. man. Tell God I said hi.

    Your Best Friend,

  28. Riley we all wish we could bring you back you were amazing now we all know you are in good hands of god miss you

  29. You will never be forgotten I’ve known you for 5 year and I can say you we’re a pretty awesome person. You were so genuine and will never be replaced.
    May god bless you and rest in piece.

  30. Riley,

    You were my best friend! I wish you were still alive! I had so much fun with you in 3rd hour and 8th hour! Why where you the one chosen? We all love you very much and this is so hard for me to write I’m baling my eyes out! You where such a good person! You were funny,nice,awesome,and my best friend! Yes we did fight about random things like basketball but it was funny! Please come back!
    The day i met you was the best day of my life! you cheered me up when i was mad/sad! also you help me in 3rd hour when it was hard to talk! Thanks so much Riley! i love and miss you so much!

  31. Riley you were one of my close friends we would always talk and mess around in math I’m going to really miss having you in my life and school!!! Tell God hello for me and I will see you someday in heaven!

  32. Riley!
    You were an amazing person! Great at sports, nice, funny and sweet! And you were a great student, friend, athlete and son! God has gained an amazing player to football, baseball and golf team. You will be an amazing soldier for Jesus’s battle! You were funny in social studies! And also in Spanish and English! You lit up my world and everybody else’s! You are now the only reason I can be strong! Because you are strong! You are probably one of the sweetest guys I have met in a long time. You will be a joy to be around in heaven. Love you!!

  33. Riley,May God keep you in his comfort and care,my son Joshua Raines thought the world of you,you have put special memories in a lot of hearts. May your family find peace knowing you are our Angel looking out for all your friends, and family,this is not the end we will all one day be together in heaven,a place for no tears or pain. May you carry on for God’s great plans.on behalf of all you are their hero… thank you for being nice to Joshua…you made a difference in his life.

  34. Hey Riley I am going to miss you so much. You were the bestiary friend anyone could ask for. It’s still not real for me. I send prayers to your family. I love you and miss you were one of my closest friends in Texas. I hope you have a fun time in Heaven! Love Laura S.

  35. Riley,
    You one of the sweetest kids ever! You had a big, kind heart. You were always willing to lend a hand to your friends and classmates. I never saw you say a bad thing to or about anyone. You were one of those students who brightened any teacher’s day. I will miss that about you. You will be missed dearly by everyone!!!! But I know I will take comfort in that you are dancing on streets of gold and are in the loving arms of our God!!!!

  36. Ril
    Wow i cant beleve this happen to you! Well we didnt talk but from what ive been told is that your a great friend amazing boyfriend to greacen. What happen to you is not good but at least we know your in a better place. Ill try to go to o ur funurl but i.dont know of i cant make it

    Justine r.i.p riley

  37. Riley,
    I never knew you, but I really wish that I did. So many people love and miss you. We lost a great friend, but heaven gained a loyal angel. You will be dearly missed by so many people. I’m so sorry this happened to you. The Andrews
    Family is in my prayers. R.I.P Riley.

  38. Riley

    I just got the chance to get to know him and become real friends I don’t know why this happened to him, but god has a reason for everything he doesn’t just do something for no good reason, we have to believe something good will come out of this. I thank him for the time I got to spend with him even though it wasn’t a lot it still impacted my life. Riley will always be in my memory and in my prayers.

  39. I’m sorry this has happened to you, iv known you for 5 years and I wish I got to meet your parents, you were the smartest kid I knew you helped me with some of my work that I didn’t understand , and you teached me a lot of things. The last time I ever saw you was in 2011 at the football tournament where we went against you. That day was also the last sentence I said to you which was “your a really god quarterback “. After that I never saw him again so god please take care of Riley, help his family through these tough times and help me and all his friends pray for him. Your in a same place now Riley ill miss you.

  40. Riley I didn’t know you that well but you were so nice and a great friend you seemed shy an quiet but we all knew you had a loud side I can’t believe this happened , and at such a young age . Go has a plan for everything and this was some how part of his plan you are in a better place now god has a new angel up in heaven we are all praying for you an your family rest in peace Riley you will always have a place in our hearts . We all love and miss you very much

  41. Dear Riley,
    We remember you when we went to elementary school together, you were so nice to everyone, I guess that’s why we wanted to be friends with you. You were always happy, with a smile on your face that was very contagious. Everyone loved you, and those who didn’t , you would continue to be the kind, loving friend you were and soon they would forget why they didn’t like you. I’m so sorry this had to happen to you, your a friend we loss to soon, but now I know that you’re an angel in a better place who is watching over all of us. We will always love you and miss. You will be forever in our hearts.
    Rest in peace,Riley we love you

  42. You are amazing! You were a great friend and a awesome boyfriend to heaven,it is impossible for me to think that you are gone. We have so many good memories, my prayers will always be with you. We all love you Riley <3
    Prayers to the Andrew family.
    Rachel Miller

  43. Dearest Riley,
    As a teacher at Paloma you still stand out in my memory as an outstanding student and such a wonderful young man. Always polite, helpful, courteous, kind and funny. I loved sharing robotics with you and having you in my EXPO class. My heart hurts and is heavy with sadness. I know your family is so close and supportive, may God give them peace. I will never forget your face and your good heart. Prayers of comfort for your family.
    Mrs. Mainz

  44. Riley,although I didn’t know you very well we talked once or twice and you and Greson were the best I hope that you will love it in heaven i hope that you will never forget that lots of people love and miss you
    Sincerely , Jessica prater

  45. Hippy,
    It was a joy and pleasure getting to know you and watch you play baseball. I will will always remember your big smile! You are now playing for a different team and I know you will be cheering for all your buddies from Heaven. I will keep your family in my prayers.
    You will be missed,

  46. Riley, I know i didnt know you, but my heart absolutely dropped when heard this news. I know how hard this is for everybody. We didn’t just lose you, we lost a friend, a family member, an angel. But I’m not worrying about this, because in Matthews 19:14 it says: But Jesus said, β€œLet the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” I trust you with the arms of the Lord. Rest in your amazing mansion God has for you buddy. Gone but never forgotten.
    ~Amanda Biles

  47. Riley,
    Oh where do I even begin. You were such an amazing friend to have. You cared about everyone and always made sure everyone was included. I remember that first day in 5th grade when I walked into class and you were one of the first people who would talk to me more or less even talk to me. I really liked that. You would always check up on me and see how I was doing and I will always appreciate that. You were the sweetest guy I had ever meant and I’m sure that nobody will ever forget you.
    I will always remember how in the end of 5th grade in track and feild day when all the fire trucks came and splashed water over everyone Riley would stomp in all the puddles and just splash everyone(:
    Everyone will remember you for the good, sweet, and caring person you are.
    You will be missed,
    Love Bethy
    β€’ rest in paradise β€’

  48. Riley, you are always so nice to people I still remember in 3rd grade when I was all by myself I had no one to talk to no one to be my friend you came up to me and talked to me you were so nice. I don’t know why I havnt talked to you last year or this year but you were always there for people when they needed it and now you are up in heaven where you are save and god has a new strong angel, you are in a better place we will miss you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Love, Meaghan Page

  49. I never knew but I have heard your story and you sound like such an inspiring person. You seemed like a strong powerful person. Now you will be in heaven a happy joyful place heaven has gained another angel.

  50. Riley,

    I had a lot of fun playing baseball with you. You were a great baseball player and friend. I really missed you when you moved, but now I am astonished. Playing wiffle ball and playing video games with you all night was awesome. When I first heard you were coming down that one weekend to play baseball with us again I was so excited. The Outlaws will really miss you! You are in a better place.



  51. Riley,

    I first met you 6 years ago playing baseball on the Texas Rangers. That was so much fun. I really appreciated your good attitude even when things werent going the way we wanted. You were a good example to me. When I heard that you were moving, I was disapointed. I really enjoyed the friendly competition between the Texans and your team, the Outlaws. You will be missed by many people. I wish I had the chance to know you better. Your family will be in our prayers.


  52. You where funny with a giant smile. You always told me that I loved your hair( which I did ). I wish you were still here

    RIP Riley #11

  53. Riley,

    There is now an empty seat at our table in math. There is now an empty locker, next to mine. There was an empty spot in heaven, waiting for you. That spot is now filled. Eventually, the seat at our table will be filled, as will the locker next to mine, but everyone will always keep you in their hearts, including me. I didn’t know you too well, but we did see each other everyday, and our table would talk about the homework in math. Who’s gonna keep annoying Danna by calling her ‘cuz’? It’s gonna be really quiet by the lockers without you talking to Carley. Riley, we can’t wait to see you again one day soon. And as we get older, we may not remember you, but when we get to heaven, we’ll see you, and remember you. My family and I’s prayers go out to your family, and we pray for the healing and comfort that can only come from our Heavenly Father. See ya soon Riley. Save a place for us.

    Sarah Stubblefield

  54. You are missed and loved dearly I know you will be in the great hands of gofer are all praying for you

  55. Rest in peace you will never be forgotten cause you were such a good person and friend to everyone

  56. Riley,

    You will never be forgotten. You were such a good person! You were an AMAZING football player! And even though I didnt get to see you play baseball I bet you were really good at that to! Your smiling face always made my day! Even though I only had you in one of my classes, you were the one that made it fun! When you were by my locker talking to your friends you were always laughing which made you fun to be around! It amazed me how you were always happy! Rest in Peace, Riley. I will never forget you!


  57. Riley,I’m gonna miss you,we joked around a lot and always had a smile that made things easier for day we will laugh and play Xbox together and joke were a very good supporting friend.thank you for allowing me to be your friend. you made a difference in my life.. May God keep you safe.. Joshua raines

  58. Riley
    You were the funniest and sweetest person I have ever met. I know you are with God and Jesus in heaven and I will see you again one day but until then I will miss you terribly. I will miss you laughing and smiling 24/7 and always making me laugh with you. You were always so up beat. I don’t think there will be one day I don’t think about you. You will always be one of my very bestfriends.
    Love you!

  59. Riley i didnt really know you that well but you were a really cool guy we all will really miss u i know that this is all part of gods great plan and that it happened for a reaso but that doesnt mean it doesnt hurt we all have different ways of of dealing with this tragedy i for one will teach everyone i possibly can that about the lords great love and use his word to save others just like he saved us and i hope others join and do the same we will all miss u Riley but i want u to know that ur life and death has changed the way i see the world and i will teach the world about the lords message so that they will spend eterntity in heaven with you

  60. Riley, you where a awesome person!!! I didn’t know u that we’ll buy I wish I did u where and amazing athlete and say hello to god fro me! Rest in peace man! R. I. P

  61. Dear Riley,
    Words simply cannot describe the great loss our world has suffered by your passing. You will forever be remembered as a brilliant and beautiful soul who touched the hearts of all fortunate enough to know you. I will miss your genuine smile and grace that you so easily gave. I pray for your family to know God is with them through this difficult journey and to realize we will see you again one day. May God wrap you in His arms and embrace the true Angel He has in heaven.
    Your Paloma Creek Counselor,
    Dana Juden

  62. Grant,

    Riley I know we weren’t the greatest of friends but you and me had our ups and downs and you were a great guy I know your in heaven now and god is taking care of you. Riley I am going to miss you asking if I brought my football but I am still going to hear that voice. Riley I am going to miss you man.

    P.S take care

    Sincerely, Grant

  63. Dear Riley,

    I didn’t know you very well but I knew you were a very good kid, you
    were nice to everyone you met! My mom was your counselor and said you were an amazing kid and you lit up the room with your smile, tell God that I said hey and we will miss you Riley!

    ~ R.I.P Buddy.. We will miss you ~

  64. Riley,

    You were a amazing person inside and out . You were very athletic I remember that u love baseball cards and baseball it self. You had a wonderful personality and you were smart as can be. I new u since 2nd grade and we had some good forth grade memories together like we would talk about transformers and sports and we would just talk a lot. I remember one time we ran laps and you were not even tired but I was gasping for air lol. You were a shy and the sweetest boy I have ever met. Rest in peace my good friend your in a better place now and u will never be forgotten

    Your friend ,

  65. I can’t believe this happened. Sorry this happened I hope that you are in a better place and that you won’t be in anymore pain. I hope everything that you loved down here is up there. All of your friends even me miss you so much. I didn’t know you very well but I know that you were a great person. I thought we could get to know each other I guess that will happen some other day.
    Goodbye friend……

  66. Riley I didn’t know you but from what I hear you were a cool person to be around you will be missed and never forgotten


  67. Hippie,
    From now on, each time I step on a diamond, I will see # 11 behind the plate. I will see a fine young man with sweat coming down his face and a uniform covered in dirt. Both myself and the rest of your coaches were always in admiration of the way you played the game once you stepped between those white lines. I so enjoyed all those wonderful years of having the oppertunity in coaching you and having you being a part of my teams. Thank you for being such a great team member who was always there for everyone. I know the Outlaws have gained a secret weapon. We now have an Angel watching over us. You also were the type of young man that all parents hope their sons will be. I know God’s team is a bit stronger now with you in heaven. take care # 11, I will be seeing one day and we can play catch.

    Frank and Tami,
    Our prayers are with you and your family. Thank you so much in letting me be apart of your lives and Hippie’s. I will treasure the memories forever. Always know the Outlaws family are always here for you.

    Love Larry & Kelli

  68. Riley I know you can’t read this but your in a better place now. And I love and miss you. I hope your living your dream up there playing your baseball game with every one. I guess god had to have you in his team cause the other team is hell. And we can’t let that happen, but we all miss you so much. Why did you have to do this to us? Josh is so upset and so is Gracen just every one is. We love you so much and we miss you. You were an amazing friend, you were nice and you were kind. Why did you have to go so early? Your so young, I’m siting in my living room crying, every thing is reminding me of you. And I hate it! I’m balling I miss you and I wish up never moved. Me and you weren’t every close, but I wish that was the opposite. I will always remember you as you are a kind nice guy who every one loves and misses. I miss you and so does so many people. I wish it could have been someone else and not you.

  69. Riley, I can’t believe this really happened. You were a really nice and funny guy. It’s going to be weired not seeing you at school every day, but I know your in a much better place. Sincerely Your Friend, Tim Kelley. <3

  70. I didn’t know you that well but I saw you in the gallant school it’s so sad tell god I say hi stay strong

  71. He was so sweet and careing and we all love you and we will all miss and we all knew and love him he was the best and now we have to think he is in a better place we all love u Riley R.I.P

  72. I only knew you in ms.baldwins class i. Kinda liked you to . But when I saw the collage of you and gracen and reed what she put I didn’t belive what it said stuff about r.I.p and so forth I went to your facebook page stuff said r.I.p and what happend to to riley I started to cry r.i.p riley andrews <3

  73. Riley will love and always miss u althought we talked not alot but it was still awesome i can call u a friend i love and miss u
    ~Nyah p.s. we love u

  74. Riley when I heard you passed away I couldn’t believe it was real, you were a great friend of many and one of the most authentic students at Summit. I’ll always have you and you family in my prayers.

  75. Hey Riley r.i.p. I always have seen u in the hallways last year but never hung out with you oh regret it cuz i have missed my chance being close ftiends. You seemed like a pretty nice guy and you were sweet. I hope u have fun in heaven!!!!
    I will see you in heaven Riley!!!!!!
    Your in the arms of The Lord.
    R.I.P Riley 1999-2012

  76. Omg I can’t even believe this happened. Riley you were such an amazing friend. You were always there for me when I needed to talk to you. I wish you weren’t gone…. You were one of my really good friends. I mean you were funny, talented, smart. I remember we even argued over who was better, OSU or OU. Riley I really wish god would’ve chosen someone else, I just wish I could’ve at least said goodbye to you and told you what an amazing friend you were. You will NEVER be forgotten Riley Andrews. Rest In Peace. Love You

  77. Dear Riley ,
    I didnt want to beliee it when i heard . I thought it was a lie . Then i went to your page . I read all the comments . I cried . I really wish i got to knew you better . we didn’t talk wish i really wish we wouldve . From what ive heard and seen you are a smart and sweet guy. Alot of people will miss you. Especially Gracen .Even though you arent here’ll always be in our hearts .We love you . I know you are in a better place . We all will
    see you someday. when its my time i will give you a big hug .
    RIP – Riley Andrews
    1999 ~ 2012
    Always in our hearts an never forgotten ❀

  78. As your principal, I saw you flourish more and more each year. We had to move you to a higher grade during your math time because you mastered all the objectives in your grade level. You were gave your teachers an incredible joy as you progressed academically. I prepared myself to hear great things from you as you got older because I knew that you were way above the average student. Your contagious and innocent smile was evident regardless of any situation. Your grandmother was so proud of you as she spoke of your accomplishments in the front office. As for me, I bid you adios and I know you are in an indescribable place where good abounds and you will fit right in Riley. May God comfort your grandmother, Ocie, and your supportive parents. Words can not soothe the pain they must be feeling. My prayers are with them and my happiness is with you as you enjoy heaven and all it has to offer you. You will be remembered with love. Mr. R. Munguia, first and ex principal of Paloma Creek Elementary.

  79. Riley, I did not know you personally but from what I’ve heard you are an amazing guy! I hope you win that baseball game up there <3.

  80. Dear Riley Andrews,

    You were a great person. Your passion for sports and God was admirable. Words can’t describe how special you are to this world. Knowing that you are in heaven has given me the strength to right this note. I want you to know that we love you. All of us. I remember when you came to my pool party and we had a blast! Rest in Peace.

    Morgen Rhynes

  81. Riley, where do I even begin, you were such a great friend, I’ve known you for such a long time and when i heard that this happened to you, i was sad and I wish I could of said my goodbyes before this. I remember that we always had such a good time at my birthday parties and you used to call them Mega Parties because it was so fun. Riley, I remember that you were so quiet at school but at your house, that was a different story, you were so loud especially if you got mad but it was funny. I remember all the fun times we had at school, in Expo, and in robotics, i remember all the fun stuff we built in robotics like the Santa sleigh and reindeer and also all the fun we had playing Apples to Apples in EXPO. I remember how you always brought a smile to everyone’s face and how you can make them laugh too. Riley, i know we’ve had our ups and downs but i just want to say that i’m sorry. Hope you have a good time in Heaven.

    – R.I.P: Riley

    ~Your Good Friend: Andrew Lopez de Nava

  82. Dear Riley, first of all, thank you so much for being such a good friend to my brother Andrew. I still remember you guys playing in my house or right outside. I remember your smile and your laugh as you played with my brother and I remember you at his birthday parties and in band. I don’t know why God wanted you so soon but I only pray that you are resting right beside him and is in peace. You will be missed, thank you for being my brother’s friend and I Thank God that he put you in our lives. We’re praying for you and your family. May you be at rest with God…

  83. I got to know Riley when I taught him in first grade. He was so sweet, smart and a friend to everyone. If someone needed a partner Riley was the first student picked. My brother and his famliy later moved across the street from Riley. Lucky for me, my kids and I got to see him as the years went by. He was always so nice to my kids. He was a great friend to my niece and a great kid. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace Riley.

  84. I never knew you. But you went out with one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever know. And to know know that she loved you so much, makes me realize what an amazing person you must have been. So many people adored you and will miss you. Rest In Peace.

  85. Riley,

    I didn’t know you but from what I hear you were an amazing guy. That you were funny, sweet,and caring. Especially to Gracen. You will be missed by everyone. But now you’re in the hands of God, so you’ll be safe forever.


  86. Riley,
    I love you. I barley knew you, but i could
    Tell that you would do great things in life.
    You were intelligent, kind, loving, amazing,
    A wonderful athlete, and more!
    So sad you passed.. I can’t believe it. I love you
    Sooo much!! I wish i got to know you.. :/
    Have a wonderful time in heaven.
    I will see you in Heaven bud.
    See you soon. <3

  87. Riley,
    I have never met you, never seen you, never even heard about you. But I’ve read all these notes, and like a really nice guy. I hate it when people leave the physical world, but they really leave. I’ve heard that when you the chills, it means a spirit is in your presence. I want those of you that knew Riley to know that just so you won’t miss him being gone. He’s REALLY gone. We just can’t see him. God Bless You, Riley. We’ll miss you. May you Rest In Peace.

  88. we were great friends. i will miss you… and your huge smile.

    i hope there is baseball in heaven.


  89. Riley was a smart student and a great friend.What are some of the feelings that one might feel when a friend passes away. When someone that is special to us is gone it can be difficult to continue living life. Things that were special to you may begin to seem pointless when you don’t have that special person to share it with. All of the things that you did together are reminders of the loss that you have suffered.
    although you can never get them back, you can always be sure they are in a happier place.

    Miss you Riley,


  90. Hey Riley i cant belive this tragedy happened. I’ve known u since the 2nd grade and on til 6th grade. We talked but not alot i still remember the time when i was sad and u would cheer me up with a smile.we were great friends <3!!!!!!! im so sorry for ur passing.. i luv u so much and that even i cant imagine it.. my prayers are with u and ur family.REST IN PEACE RILEY I WILL NEVER FORGET U I LUV U!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 πŸ™‚ muaahh
    ~Leslie Flores

  91. Riley was a funny and great friend. He will always be in my memories. i wish i would have hung out with him more at the end of the year. R.I.P

  92. Riley was the best guy you could ever meet. You could here him walk in the room with his boots on. He will always be loved .

  93. Riley/ Riley’s family,

    riley, wow never thought this would happen to you. when Brian came and told be after he got the call from Michael I thought he was joking with me and obviously it is true. I almost passed out when I found out it was true. I was shocked and confused for weeks. I had so much memories with you!! I remember us flirting with each other when you came over to Michael’s and Mrs. Tabitha was watching me, Brian, and Kyele. I was so excited to go to Michael’s to hang out with you. we go back to 2 grade. you were such an amazing friend and a better boyfriend. I will never forget the time I was in your garage and Brian, Michael, and you played a song from rascal flats with your guitars, that was a funny time. I don’t go one day without thinking about you or your family. my prayers are for the Andrew’s family.
    R.I.P Riley,
    Love Brittany
    cell: 214-587-0093

  94. It’s almost been 2 months since you died. I don’t know if people are still posting on this today but I don’t care I wish you never had to leave this earth. I’m sort I didn’t go to your funeral. And I’m sorry for the people who have hurt you over the years. You were a great friend, student, and you were just great no matter what it was. On my phone your contact name was giggles because that’s all you did, you giggled and and smiled. No matter what you did you were always a good friend and a good person. Right now your probably in heaven talking to your new friends and your loved ones who have passed. But just remember that no matter where you are you are always loved, missed, and cherished. If I knew this was going to happen before I would have never stopped talking to you. When I first found out you died I didn’t cry I was to shocked to I couldn’t talk I just couldn’t think. When I talked about it I started crying. I know how it is to loose a friend or even someone you barely knew r’s happen to me and and a bunch more people that went to providence and Navo. The last thing I said to you was on Instagram talking to you about your smile, to have always had a good smile. That Remod me every time I’m on Instagram it says R.I.P Riley Andrews with hearts around it that’s how it is on my Instagram and many more people’s. yo will never be forgotten Riley. You will always be loved missed and remembered.

  95. Riley I don’t know how often people wrote on this anymore, but last night you were a topic of conversation. We were at a track meet, and all of a sudden, we said that this year, this season, was for you. We said that all our volleyball cross country basketball and now track season was for you. We know that you loved us all and wanted us to succeed with all your heart. We wanted the same thing for you. So in a way now, you’re like our coach. We play for you, we run and serve and shoot for you. All this 2012-2013 school year in sports are for you. We always remember you when we are struggling, and we remember how you used to encourage us. At our very last basketball game, we wrote on our hands, RIP RILEY 12-26-12. Our seasons are for you. We love you and miss you more and more each day. You will forever be in our hearts, Riley.
    Love~Rachel Deramee

  96. Riley you were one of my closest friends. Ya I would get mad at you from time to time.But the next day we would be friends again. So 6th and 8th hour would never be fun without you . The only time we would laugh is when you were there. I miss You, and I will never forget you. R.I.P Riley. Great things don’t last forever

  97. Riley,

    I can’t believe its been almost 6 months since you died. To think that the world could lose such an inspiring person in a matter of seconds. I often think back to the first time I heard you had passed. I don’t know how I felt… In shock maybe? Stunned? I can’t mourn you enough. I will continue to pray for your family and that they will remember: God always has a reason. Your death was terrible, but you brought all of us together. Your story, although much too short, has inspired us all. You are our reason to work our hardest, Riley, because we know that’s what you would have wanted. You will live in our hearts forever, Riley. We all love and miss you. Continued prayers to the Andrews Family. See you in Heaven, number 11.

  98. yesterday marked exactly nine months since Riley passed I can’t believe that time goes by this fast Riley is truly loved and missed.
    Rest In Peace Riley
    To the kid with the golden heart and the community with a broken heart

  99. Riley you are will always be my bestfriend you showed me how to live my life i have changed since 6th grade I’ve matured because of you i miss you so much i still remeber when we allways hung out i just never knew that this day would come this is not fair please be by my side and help me with my life like you did when you were here and i hope heaven is fun i love you as my own brother and i wish you could have stayed here you might have not died but we will never know.

  100. Riley, I didn’t know you very well. I saw you every so often like in the halls during passing time. But, everyone told me you were an amazing person and this shouldn’t have happened. Everyone misses you. I wish I would have known you! You made everyone laugh and everyone smile and were an amazing person. You made everyone have an amazing day and you just were so perfect and still are. I just wanted to say that we all love you and Rest In Peace Riley Andrews.
    Grace Ellis.

  101. Hey Riley, I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I have never had a real good sleep since you passed and man Riley after reading all this comments it makes me cry so much because I miss you so much and so does everyone at summit, you were a great fiends to everybody and I wish I got to know you as well as most kids did, we talked a few but that was it you would always help your mom with her books and always open the door for her like a loving and caring son would do for any mom(: and you always kept the door open for me. Riley, I miss you a lot and I just I can’t stop thinking about you and how different life is without you. There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t think about you. It’s gonna be a year next month and I’m gonna make sure to come visit you at your gravesite, I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle myself but I’m gonna make it appoint to at least see you because I know that’s what you would want. Riley I miss you lots man and I just ugh I wish I could’ve been good friends with you, Riley I still remember that shock Sierra have me when she called me and told me I thought she was joking intill I could hear the hurt in her voice she could barely speak and she was bawling so much and I think we all were I sat there in bed on a cold day looking outside my window for hours and just staring and I was in so much shock. I still can’t process it through my head that your gone. I love you Riley and you will always be in my heart.<3

  102. I love you so much riley && I’ll miss you everyday .. I feel guilty all the time I wish I could’ve done something more to help you . I love you forever…

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