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Paul A. Piatt  He began life in Okarche, OK, on September 16, 1915.  He worked the family farm in Piedmont, OK, until retiring in 1984.  He wed Georgene on July 4, 1939.

His parents Hezzie and Mamie Piatt, daughter Vicki Piatt, and granddaughter Sherry Ernest preceded him in death.  He leaves behind an amazing legacy: his wife of almost 75 years Georgene Piatt; children Hugh Piatt and Marie Gately and Paula Jean and Jess Ernest; grandchildren Courtney Piatt, Hugh and Shanna Piatt, Whitney and Paul Warren, Scott and Lori Ernest; great- grandchildren Kristin and Robert Rangel, Michael and Kaylee Piatt, Kent and Cole Warren, Kaylee, Jayden, Anthony, and Harley Ernest; great-great grandchildren Bianca, Nathaniel, and Victoria Rangel.

Graveside service at Chapel Hill Cemetery 2:00 PM. Saturday Viewing at 1:30.


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  1. Whitney Warren AKA The Baby

    My grandpa taught me many life lessons: how to work hard for what you have, how to shoot, how to fish (even though I never really liked it), how to shoot pool, how to relax, and how to be an amazing spouse. He lived happily for 98 years and stayed true to his bride Georgene for almost 75 years. I hope to be happily married that long. Thank you grandpa for investing in me and my children. Although you will be missed on this Earth, I look forward to seeing you in Heaven one day.

    The Baby

  2. Cindy Brandenburg

    I will never forget how he made my daughter and myself feel like family immediately! It was always so fun to go stay for the weekend at Paul and Georgene’s home. He had quite the barn with games and pool table and Georgene would always have something special made up to eat and to drink. Being with them and the kids (Hugh Allen, Courtney and Whitney) are my best memories!! Thank you Paul and Georgene and may he rest in peace! God Bless!!

  3. Bonita Myers

    I am so sorry to read this. I am sure that he will be missed. Love and prayers to the family.

  4. Bea Dorman

    The last time I saw Grandpa was when he and Granny moved from Bryan back home. Many times I wanted to go visit but never got a chance. When I’d call to say hi I never had to tell him who I was. Always said “It’s Bea” and I could hear the smile in his voice. I feel blessed to have had the honor to have known such a kind and caring man. Rest in the peace you so greatly deserve, Grandpa!! You will never be forgotten!

  5. Linda Piatt

    I will forever cherish the memories I have of Paul and Georgene and the rest of the Piatt clan. So glad I was part of it for so many years. Paul and Georgene are two people I admire in a multitude of ways. They loved me and welcomed me from the moment I met them and my kids were immediately their grandkids in every way. Luke and Shannon cherish them too. I can’t thank them enough for all they did for me when Shannon was sick. We talk about them often and fondly remember all the great times we had with them in Edmond, Branson, and Red River. Paul taught Luke how to fish for trout and clean what he caught; he also taught Luke the game of pool… priceless memories! I love you with all my heart. My heartfelt love and prayers to the family as they walk through this difficult time. Love always,

  6. Luke Whaley

    I will never forget going to Branson and getting up really early with Grandpa. We would normally have a bowl of cereal, or a peanut butter and jelly, then we were off to the “fishing hole”. Grandpa taught me how to fish, man was he one heck of a fisherman! He also taught me how to clean the fish, and once we did that we headed home and Granny would cook them. We always caught our limit. Another memory would have to be going out to the “barn” for one of my many lessons in the game of billiards, the man NEVER MISSED A SHOT! I love you Grandpa


  7. Becky Johnson

    Thank you for the opportunity to care for Mr. Piatt. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Chaplain Becky Johnson and Centennial Hospice Staff

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