Parichehreh “Pari” Ferdowsian


Parichehreh Ferdowsian was called Pari by all, lived for 76 years. She is survived by her husband Rouhollah of 57 years. Her 4 children, Navid, Shiva, Vafa, and Erfan.  Her daughters-in-law Neda, Amy and Adasi. Her son-in-law, Sina. Her 10 grandchildren Parisa, Shameem, Shawyon, Saba, Sana, Sama, Olivia, Tony, Lily, and Zane whom loved her dearly and enjoyed being around her.

She was dearly loved by everyone that have crossed her path.

Pari and her family left Iran as persecution of Baha’is caused  them many hardships. Pari lost her job of 10 years being a 5th grade teacher. They then went to another city to find jobs and to be closer to their family. 5 more years of hardships and they decided to leave Iran as their country did not give them freedom of religion, freedom of life and freedom of choice.

Pari almost lost her daughter as the result of their escape through the mountains of Zahedan first time.  They attempted their 2nd escape one year later. They stayed in Pakistan for 2 years to be able to come to the US.

They struggled with English and having to start a new life here when they arrived in 1986 was not easy.

Pari loved everyone, loved to cook and serve everyone in her path. She was happy and dancing all the time. She was very sensitive to the needs of others and hers was always placed last.

She truly believed in God and her faith kept her going during the most difficult times of her life.

Pari, you will be missed by all, especially your husband of 57 years. He is going to be lost and wouldn’t know how to continue without you.

Momon you will be missed by neighbors, walkers and runners around your neighborhood whom you would feed cakes and cookies when you said hi to them.

Momon you would be missed by your Baha’i community whom you served and loved your entire life.

Momon, you would be missed by your children whom loved you dearly and always took your side no matter what.

Momon, you would be missed by your grandchildren whom you took care of for many years and where delighted to be around you and to laugh and dance with you.

Momon, you would be missed by this earth which was a better place with you in it.

Momon, we all love you and ask you to pray for us to be kinder and nicer to each other and for a betterment of this world.

Momon Pari, be happy, always.🌷

Graveside services will be held at 12:00 p.m., Saturday, October 22, 2022 at Gracelawn Cemetery Edmond, OK.

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