Nathaniel James Miller

Nathaniel James Miller

1988-2020Miller, Nathaniel updated obit pic

It was February 18, 1988 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and what Nathaniel James Miller really wanted was to just sleep in a little longer. But he could tell something was going on, and he didn’t like missing out on things, so he took one last stretch and went to put some faces to the voices he had been hearing: Mama and Daddy. Nathan liked Debbie and Andy the first time he ever met them. Liking everybody would become a defining theme of Nathan’s life. But his absolute favorites were his little brother Josh, little sis Hannah, and baby brother Christopher John-John. Bub always loved them all well, especially when they were all together—more noise, more laughter, more fun. Nathan always took particular delight in the wisdom and company of his elders, like Great Grandpa Chuck and Great Grandma Lila and Great Grandpa George and Great Grandma Wynema and Grandpa Mo and Grandma Connie and Papa Earl and Nana Beverly. He loved telling them everything he could think of, as fast as he could say it, his whole face just one big smile, asking a million questions about whatever it was they were doing and asking if he could do it too, until either he was exhausted or they were. When Nate discovered the outdoors, he was endlessly fascinated with everything there was to look at and explore and ask questions about and climb on top of and touch and poke with sticks and flip over and see what was underneath and get stung by. In particular, he cherished time around the campfire at Roman Nose, laughing with his siblings and cousins and aunts and uncles. If you asked Nate his favorite animal, he’d say they’re all great. But if you insisted he had to pick, he’d say dogs, then smile and add… “the uglier and smellier, the better.” Loving the unloveable is another recurring theme of Nathan’s life. Take Rocky, for example, a scruff whose limited interests included rolling in filth and ruining beds. And of course there was Nate’s beloved Hurley. When Nathan’s friend discovered the neglected, abused pit bull, his teeth shattered from trying to chew himself free, Nathan cut Hurley’s chain and saved his life. From that day on, the gratitude and unconditional love visible in Hurley’s eyes never faded. In the all-too-brief time they shared together, it became clear they had saved each other. Hurley was family, and family was important to Nathan. He looked forward to the times he got to spend with his siblings, his dad, and their family: Missy, Aaron, Daren, and Collin. He also appreciated his mom’s husband Gerald, happy that their marriage meant he had more sisters, in Gennifer, Lex, and Amanda. It was when Nate moved to Louisiana that he met his “other mother,” Ann Kinchen, and his mentor, father figure, and instant best buddy Russell Kinchen. Nate loved talking shop and eating burgers and working hard at fixing cars with Russell. Although they only had a short time with each other, Nate was deeply grateful for it. As Russell was saying goodbye, Nathan promised he’d do all he could to take care of Ann. They talked about everything, laughing and crying, sometimes late into the night. Ann taught Nate to cook, and he made a point of telling her every day how much he loved and appreciated her. Russell’s dog Gus adopted Nate as his own, following him everywhere. Nate was a sucker for Gus, babying him and sharing people food with him. Fortunately, the three of them were also blessed to have an entire extended family they could count on: hanging out with Sydnie, setting up computers for Mrs. Vickie’s school, bringing Chuck back to the house to jam on Pink Floyd, cutting Larry’s hair, visiting with Kalina and doing whatever he could for her, fixing a computer or just taking out the trash. Another theme of Nathan’s life was not having enough time. None of us were ready to let you go. We miss your smile. The world would be a much nicer place if the rest of us had your curiosity, your superpower of seeing the wonder and the good in every living thing. Hopefully you and Grandpa Chuck are enjoying a smoke somewhere, walking together across the top of a river, working your trotlines and pulling out mudcats and channelcats. You left too soon, Bub. We will always miss you. We will always love you. Private family services will be held at 10:00 a.m., Friday, May 15th. We will be live streaming this service in an effort to accommodate those people that wish to attend but feel they should not due to the health environment.  To watch the service CLICK HERE to go to our YouTube page.  Then click on ‘Videos’ then ‘Live Streams’.

20 thoughts on “Nathaniel James Miller”

  1. Donna Lee

    I did not know Nathan personally. He sounds like a beautiful soul. This is a wonderful tribute to him. It sounds like I missed out on knowing a truly special human being. I do know his mother and I know that he had many of her beautiful traits. Rest in peace young man, and know that you will be together with your family one day.

  2. Jean Norris

    Debbie and family,
    God Bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. Know that one day you all will be together again. RIP Nathan.

  3. Sarah Burgess

    We went to elementary school together. Nathan was always a kind soul. He treated everyone the same and had a big heart! I’m so sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart he was too young to go. Praying for your family!

  4. Mary Beth Green

    Our family & the Millers went church at the same place, TCF. We were very prolific in the production of children, particularly boys during those days. Nathan was between our son Eli & our son Alex, along with the population of boys rivalry the national average. It was a blur! I remember Nathan as one of a litany of mischievous, energetic little boys! Some of us stood out in that arena. Our son among many others brought to mind. Nathan as I remember was sweet , impish, & friendly! My heart broke when word came to me. Lost track of Debbie & Family , caught up with in the last several years. Enjoyed the images she posted of her loving ,fun family! That hole left by Nathan will leave sadness, but what I have read, it will also leave great love & expectancy for Nathan. Keep cheering us on Nathan??❤️

  5. Darla Young

    The great story you have shared with us about Nathan is the memories that will carry you through with God giving you strength you need! Love & Hugs! Praying for your family!

  6. Michele Singleton

    What a great tribute and way for the rest of us that did not know Nathan to have a little glimpse into his life and personality. Debbie I am so sorry for your loss. May the Great Comforter be there with you and your family now more than ever.

  7. Vickie Johnson

    My heart was broken as I lost a very dear friend. Such friendships are so rare. I met him 4 years ago and he was the spitting image of my little brother I lost, especially his hilarious personality, big hugging, loving heart and fiercely protective of those he cared about. Nate worked for me in the afternoon on school days fixing computers and setting me up on a moment’s notice. He was extremely talented in that area. He was so happy these last few months and I was so proud of his accomplishments. We will miss him dearly.

  8. Mike and Bea Sprouse

    Enjoyed watching Nathan walk down the aisle as ring there and Brannon and Kendi‘s wedding and then later getting to share karate classes with him at Edmond Christian Academy. Love that young man. Praying for all of you in this time of transition. There’s a beautiful reunion coming. Hugs from the SprouseHouse

  9. Misty Lou

    Nathan was such a good friend to me and to everyone in our group. I will never forget our fun times and his loving nature. Taken home too soon. Rest in peace my sweet friend.

  10. Lori Mead

    Nate was so good natured, a hard worker and a wonderful young man. I enjoyed him during the times he helped me with projects. Debbie, you and your family were so blessed to have such a sweet soul, even for such a short amount of time. Now its Gods turn to have Nate’s company. He is in such a good place. I love you and miss seeing your beautiful face. My prayers are with you, my friend.

  11. Angie Goodwin

    Nathan, the Goodwins loved you so much. You were like a big brother to Morgan and Jordan. I’ll miss your presence, giant heart, and your sense of humor. Such a huge, beautiful heart. Rest In Peace sweet boy.

  12. Mike and Cindy Perryman

    Our hearts burst for you at the sorrow your family is enduring with Nathan’s passing. We pray the God of grace and peace will shower you with comfort and that your hope, though now battered, will endure. Much love to you all.

  13. Anonymous

    Remembering Nathan as that very sweet precious boy who was so caring, kind and loving. He always had a smile and a big hug for his friends and family. He will be missed by us here on earth, but is joining Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Lila and so many more who love him. May Father God hold you close, comfort and carry you through. Love you all. Aunt Linda

  14. Nathan was such an awesome caring friend in high school. I have so many memories driving around with him in that little red celica he had. I haven’t seen him since and I’m sad to hear of his passing. The good ones are taken to soon!

  15. Phyllis McGraw

    My heart is very heavy for the early departure of this special young man. It’s good that he is loved so welll. All of you are in my prayers and thoughts.

  16. Amber Fields, Burke

    I haven’t seen Nathan in nearly 13 years, but the memories I have with him will last a lifetime. He had a huge role in my life even for the short couple of years he was a part of it before I moved across the country.
    Nathan was my first real love, and he taught me so much. I still have dreams about the memories we had together. I wished nothing but the best for him and happiness in all areas of his life. I am so incredibly sorry for your family’s loss. He was a beautiful soul.

  17. Megan Million Brown

    Nate was such a nice genuine guy. We went to school together at Berryhill. I’m so saddened to hear of his passing. Prayers for the family. ?

  18. Deana May

    Debbie and family, I’m so sorry for your loss, I remember Nate from Pretty Water School, he was always so kind….. prayers for your family, during this very hard time! Love, Deana and family

  19. Curtis Gimlin

    Debbie and family,
    Our thoughts are with you all. I know the times are not wonderful, but time will take care of all the feeling of remorse and everyone will be at peace. Wishing you all well.
    Curtis and Carol Gimlin

  20. John and Sandie Stewart

    Debbie, Andy, and family,

    There are really no words the can express our sadness and sorrow for your loss.
    Nathan was at our house a lot during those Pretty Water days. He was always well mannered and no trouble at all. He and Michael were good friends. They played basketball together and had classes together.
    Please know our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
    Thank you for sharing him with us.

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