Leah Louise Johnson

Leah Louise Johnson


Leah Johnson, born on February 19th, 1941, played many roles in her life: A wife, a mother, a grandmother, a professional. But who Leah Johnson was and what she meant to the people around her is something intangible and nearly impossible to summarize in a single word. She was the person who always looked for the silver lining in the storm clouds above. She could find the best in people while still being aware to the realities of the world around her. She never complained when someone she loved needed her to go above and beyond. She was steadfast, powerful, caring, and always confident that better times were coming soon.

To better understand who Leah Johnson was, you must look at the way she shaped the people around her.

Her husband of 65 years, Lawrence ‘Larry’ Reinhold Johnson joined the navy at the age of 18, and asked Leah to marry and go with him. When Larry would speak of his childhood, he would not always paint the picture of a young man who followed the rules. But proposing to Leah Johnson, ensured that was to be in the past. Leah balanced Larry in ways no other human being on earth could. She made him a better man; she made him the Larry who would go on to become the family man everyone continues to look up to today.

You can look at her kids, Lori Leeper and Daniel Johnson. Both of whom have always followed in their mother’s footsteps of being both a realist and dreamer. Both have sacrificed and been steadfast to their own families, their own children. Ensuring that their kids were taken care of, ensuring that they know there is better times and more love coming soon. Leah was there to support and guide all of them as they followed her through the stages of life.

You can look at her grandkids, Matthew Leeper and his wife Jessica, Bryan Johnson and his wife Kathryn and Jake McNatt.  Who have lived by their grandparents’ examples, by Leah’s example, of always doing something with one hundred percent effort. Especially when it comes to family.  You can see her influence in the way they cherish the small things, as she did her one chocolate a night. A level of self-control many of us can only aspire to.

You can look at her career after Leah and Larry settled in McAlester, Oklahoma. Even after raising kids and moving around the US and Europe, when she finally got the chance to work, she chose to help people working as an optician, helping those in her community when they needed it. 

If you knew Leah for very long, you could look at how she faced challenges or problems. There was never any hesitation. What needed to be done, needed to be done. She always put more trust in achieving a goal than sitting around wishing for it to happen. She just was not willing to wait for the future, she instead chased it and made it better, and full of love.

Who Leah Johnson was cannot be described with one word. But everyone she leaves behind: her children Lori Leeper and Daniel Johnson, her grandchildren, Bryan Johnson and Matthew Leeper, and her 3 great grandchildren, they know who Leah was. And like Leah, they will pass down stories and actions, and beliefs which she gave them, ensuring that who Leah Johnson was continues to be a part of this world for a long time to come.

She was preceded in death by her husband Lawrence ‘Larry’ Reinhold Johnson, her parents Lucille and Henry Renne as well as her brother, 2 sisters and 2 brother in laws.

Private family services will be held.

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  1. Lori and Danny, I am so sorry about Leah, she was one special lady. I have good memories of her, us all going out to eat in Edmond and visiting with everyone. RIP Leah.

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