Larry William Lutze

1943 – 2019Lutz, Larry


Larry “never met a stranger” William Lutze, 76,  ultimate prankster, Granddad of the Century,  and Edmond’s best story teller, died on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

Larry was old school Edmond and knew so many people that even a quick run to the store to grab an item for dinner turned into an hour long journey as he stopped and took the time to chat to everybody that he ran into.  For over 40 years Jimmy’s Egg, Virginia’s and Coltrane Cafe served as some of his favorite hangouts as he would hold court during early morning coffee “fireside” chats where the unbelievably believable stories would flow continuously.
OH, the women in his life were numerous. Now, in Larry’s mind he was a ladies man and player deluxe so Heaven beware, but in reality all those women were just his own family which embodied his existence. His mother, sisters, wife, daughters and granddaughters were the true women of this life.    Larry the Legend met his main squeeze, Linda Dickinson on an ordinary Friday, got engaged one week later and then got married just three weeks later.  You just can’t make this stuff up, even about the Master storyteller himself.

He excelled at people.  Larry was always the first one to drop anything and everything to go take care of family, friends and complete strangers.  He lead a wild and crazy life in his youthful years and youthful is subjective as he truly never grew up.  That is who Larry was.  He was relatable to every generation because he was larger than life and he drew you in. Larry owned and operated Edmond Off Road Vehicles for 32 years.  He would go into work around 4:30 every morning to get his work done before it got hot but really it was because his shop was visited all day long by friends coming by for blunt Larry advice.  He was honest and brutal to the extent we all seek to know but not necessarily want to hear.  His shop was the local hangout by countless kids who just wanted to learn lessons of life and work on cool cars. He was strict but fair, truthful but funny, and always instituted a message of his Lord into the conversation so beautifully subtle that you didn’t realize it until later.  Larry was a true disciple.

Larry’s grandchildren were his world and he was theirs.  He will continue to guide them from his new lofty perch. He was their Superman, their hero, their best friend and all of their friends “hung” out with Larry just as much as they did.  They conveniently provided an excuse for him to have stashes of sweets everywhere just in case.  Larry’s love of nature and hunting was second to his family and his faith but nonetheless was utilized as another principal avenue to teach Larry’s imparted wisdom and lessons of life.
Larry was born in Unionville, MO in 1943, and also lived in Rock Island, IL before making Edmond his own. Larry was preceded in death by his father, Henry (Stormy) and his mother, Anna. He is survived by his loving wife Linda, daughters Robin Arledge and Rebel Morgan, son Shawn Lutze, grandchildren: Trendon, Trey, Stormy, Ty, Trent, Piper, Cody, and Landri; and sisters Jean Galloway and Joyce Booher along with brother Jimmy Lutze.
There is no doubt that Larry was a man’s man who rode bikes like the wind, hunted, camped, and got involved in mischievous shenanigans but in his own man’s man style lived his last decade with his best friend, Lexi.  Lexi was his pint sized yorkie that he clothed in dresses, and carried on his arm or in a bib on his chest.

Manhood was never in question.

Fox News will never be the same without Larry watching and then explaining what needs to be done to help the world but he has no doubt already been assigned above as the ambassador towards helping your neighbor live a blessed life.
Memorial Services will be held Thursday, August 15, 2019 at Edmond Church of Christ located at 801 S Bryant, Edmond, OK 73034 at 10:00 am or thereabouts because Larry time was always stated as the Lord’s time and ish is just fine.


  1. Linda and family, we are so sorry to hear of Larry’s passing. Our whole family has many fond memories and stories of our times with him. Hugs love and praying for you all. Marsha Cordray Baxter and all of our family.

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