Kingston Apollo Prather

Kingston Apollo Prather


The life-clock started for Kingston Apollo Prather October 5, 2018, at the Renaissance Women’s Center in Midwest City, Oklahoma. He began his life in a room full of those ready to love him. Born to his parents Shaydie Sandie and Kameron Prather, and his destined to be big brother, Keaton, his fearless companion! He was readily equipped with a host of grandparents-all with bragging rights about how wonderful he made the world!

Kingston was well known for his fervor and intensity! His serious studious furrowed brow when “communicating” was striking only compared to the literal radiance of his expressions. The light of heaven shown behind his eyes when he smiled or sweetly cajoled someone into exactly what he wanted. Candy was preferred. He was just beginning to master talking. He had not bothered much before since Big Brother Keaton would interpret and speak for him most of the time. Therefore, when the sweet words began to flow, they were again, spoken with musical intensity!

He was a young shoe-aholic! It was always very important that he have his shoes on! However, he also liked to change them, and have options. Though mom had to console him when he wanted to wear 2 different shoes-at the same time! She did let him have his way in most other daily clothing choices, though blue and lime green were his favorites.

Kingston was born ready to give kisses! He came out with some very juicy lips that Hollywood would pay big bucks for. His hugs and kisses were given away readily and freely to those that asked. He knew how much they meant.

Kingston attended the Primrose school on N. Western. He received acclamation for his clean-up skills and being a conscientious classmate. At only 22-months, he appeared to have been in spring training his whole life. Without embellishing the facts-this kid had a speedball, and it landed where aimed!

Both mom and dad shared with him a love music from all genre. He would “Rock Out” like a Monster from the Muppets, and of course his buddha belly would groove to a lullaby as well.

He was a big fan of being rocked to sleep. He believed and knew that the adults in his life cherished the time as much as he did. When he was really full of himself, he let you know that pats and rocking were required, and that stopping one or the other was not an option.

Our beloved boy made his earthly launch from this world, leaping into the arms of Jesus in his dreams, on August 15, 2020. He was again that day surrounded by those who loved him fiercely. He was held and kissed all observing his bright-star pathway into Heaven. 22 months of life on planet earth. 22 months of gifts of love for us all. 22 months of blessings from God. You burned so brightly, Kingston “Sprocket” Apollo Prather. You will live in the Galaxy of our Hearts Forever.

Kingston leaves many that will continue to cherish and celebrated his life, alongside his Momma, Daddy & big brother Keaton; Paternal Grandparents: Tamar Prather of MWC; Keith & Michelle Prather, OKC. Great-Grandmother, Beverly Kay Wilson of Spencer, OK. Great-Great Grandmother Wanda Hunter, Aunt Keyneisha & Uncle Kendall Prather, of OKC.

Maternal Grandparents: Shannon Wells, AR, Adam Nelson of Del City, Hank & Susan Binkowski of OKC, Great Grandmother Jane Brigden-Graham of Edmond, OK. Great Grandparents Marion & Gloria Cain of Del City. Aunts: Shayla Sandie of Edmond, Aslan Binkowski, Karli Vobornik, Madison Magill, Tameira Phillips & Uncle Evan Welch, all of Oklahoma.

Predecessors: Great Grandmother Cherie Brown, Tucson, AZ

Memorial services will be held Friday, August 21, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. at Life Church Edmond Campus.

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