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Private family services.

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  1. Dan and Cindy Owen

    We remember Karen as a little girl. We have loved Roy and Ronda for many years. Our hearts and prayers are with you both at this moment. We are very grateful to call you friends. God alone will carry us through.

    1. Ronda Greenway

      Thank you, Dan and Cindy. We have felt your support. Still can’t believe she is gone.

  2. Nestor Duarte, Stein Mart

    I was privileged to work with Karen in the Asset Protection and Audit Department of Stein Mart. Recently, I was assigned as her supervisor. From the outset, Karen struck me as a ball of energy, completely dedicated to her job. In all my years as an administrator, I have never had an employee receive so many accolades and encouragements from their peers and colleagues. Not a week went by, that I did not receive a phone call or an email from someone raving about Karen and her training sessions. She had a unique talent for making training fun, relatable, authentic and practical. Karen has left an indelible mark on this company and touched many hearts along the way. Karen will be sorely missed by her colleagues, associates and friends. God speed and Rest In Peace. ND

  3. Karen Jenkins

    Had the pleasure of attending some of Karen’s training classes and meeting her with Stein Mart. She was approachable and knowledgeable and a true person. She had a way to training and making it real. My sympathy to the family. Karen will always be fondly remembered

  4. Sherrill Scott, Stein Mart

    My prayers and condolences to the family of Karen Greenway. I had the honor to work with her. She was truly an amazing person. She will be missed by all that knew her.

  5. Deanna Meisel

    I feel blessed to have worked with Karen over the past 8 years. I have always admired Karen’s drive and passion in her training sessions, she could fill a room with smiles and knew how to keep a crowd engaged and entertained. Karen expressed her love for her family and precious four legged children. My thoughts and prayers go out to Karen’s loved ones. She will be missed dearly. May she rest in peace. Amen

  6. Ellen Del Pizzo

    I am terribly saddened to hear of Karen’s unexpected passing. I met Karen around 5 years ago at one of her training sessions in Atlanta. Karen made the training sessions informative, fun and something my colleagues and myself all looked forward to as long as it was KAREN GREENWAY teaching the class. Karen, you will surely be missed….rest in peace

  7. Renee Weiss- Stein Mart

    Karen was a great teacher & wonderful person. Her training classes were fun & always filled with chocolate!
    Stein Mart & the world lost a special soul…prayers & peace to her family.

  8. Ashley Bolin, Stein Mart

    I was fortunate enough to know Karen through work. Every time she visited, the offices would light up with her wonderful energy. She told us the best stories about her dog and their cheeseburger ritual whenever she would return home from a trip. Karen had a way of making everyone feel welcome, important, and listened to. Her spirit and kindness were something special and she will be greatly missed by those who had the privilege to know her.



  10. Amanda Hatch

    Exciting. Dynamic. Inspiring. Beautiful.
    I can’t imagine a soul who will not miss her sweet spirit, her lovely smile, and her contagious laughter.
    God Bless Karen and her family.

  11. Chantelle Quick Schart

    My deepest condolences for the friends and family of Karen. Karen was a beloved member of the Stein Mart team. I had the honor of being her supervisor for several years and watched her develop into a strong leader and champion for our associates. Karen received many, many compliments and thanks from those she trained and led. She was dedicated, fun-loving and a joy to work with and her positive impact on the Stein Mart team will be felt for many years to come. Karen will be truly missed. Rest in peace my friend.

  12. Trish Becker

    I had the privilege of being in a few of her training classes. Her passion was contagious and I always came away feeling empowered. I will miss her patience and her stories about her dog that she shared. My thoughts and condolences go out to her friends and family.

  13. Shawn Finley

    My most sincere condolences and fervent prayers go out to the family of Karen. I have worked with Karen at SteinMart for many years. Her level of kindness and enjoyment of people was always on display when she was with us. Karen had an ability to be a disarming influence on all she came into contact with. We will miss her energy and passion for her peers. Thank you for sharing her with the world, she will be missed.

  14. Aldo Dennis, Stein Mart

    My deepest condolences to Karen’s family. I met Karen at one of trainings here in Atlanta about 4 years ago-I must say, IT WAS FULL OF LIFE!. She got the group’s attention within the first minute and it stayed that way the entire time. What a great person and made everyone around her comfortable. She will dearly be missed…Rest on-till we meet again!!

  15. Nick LuBonovic, Stein Mart

    I’ve never met a person in my life like Karen! Working with her was like working with your own personal comedian. She was the best trainer hands down. I will miss her smile, laughter, quick wit and endless energy. God broke the mold when he made Karen. She is the only person I’ve known that EVERYONE liked and loved. Rest in Paradise my friend!!!

  16. My prayers go out to the family of Karen Greenway. I had the pleasure of attending many of her training classes here in Atlanta. Karen always lit up any room she walked into. Whenever I had a question or needed something she would be the first to answer. She will be missed dearly!

  17. Teresa Dodd-SteinMart

    My thoughts and prayers are with Family and Friends at this very difficult time.
    Karen was an amazing person, trainer, and a true inspiration. She left a mark with the Stein Mart Family and will be truly missed!

  18. Andi Weaver

    Karen was the most amazing friend ever. She was so fun and great with all of our kids. They called her Uncle Karen. She adored that. She wasn’t family but she was my sister! There wasn’t a meal she cooked that we wouldn’t eat! She was a fantastic cook. So happy to please everyone. I’m going to miss her more than anything. The world is a little darker now. My heart aches. I give my condolences to her family. She loved and adored her mom.

  19. “Karen”! What an amazing person who I am grateful I had the chance to know as both a colleague and a friend. I feel so luck that I got to know her. She will be deeply missed by her Stein Mart family. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. May she rest in best knowing how much we loved her and will miss her.

  20. Expressing my sorrow and condolences to Karen, her family and friends. We will surely miss the presence of a truly loveable and kind person, Karen was a joy to be around.

  21. Terry Snyder

    Inspiring, Caring, Knowledgeable. One of the finest folks I have had the pleasure to work with. I will miss my buddy. Strength and Peace to all that love her. God Speed Karen.

  22. Ed Flanagan

    A number of years ago I had the good fortune to hire Karen to be one of Stein Mart’s store auditors based in Jacksonville. Not only did she do a great job from day one, she consistently got rave reviews from associates in the field, including store managers that she had just audited. It goes without saying that auditors do not typically get plaudits from the folks they audit!!! However, Karen had a way of putting people at ease and her greatest strength was her ability to teach and train. My fondest memory of Karen is that every time I saw her she had a big smile on her face and a great attitude. She will truly be missed by her Stein Mart family, as well as all those who were fortunate enough to have known her.

  23. Lori Stafford SteinMart #80

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Karen. I did not know Karen for very long but the time I got to spend with her was amazing. I did some training with her a few years back. She was truly a warm and friendly person. She always made people smile 🙂 God Bless You Karen You Will Be Missed.

  24. Ginger Equi

    It was my pleasure to meet Karen for a training session in District 14. What a sad loss to her family and the Stein Mart family.
    She was so giving, funny, bright and taught me so much. I was privileged to be in one of her classes.
    We are all richer for having known her

  25. Shelly Rex, Stein Mart

    My condolences to Karen’s family and friends. She was an amazing person and will be truly missed. RIP Karen Greenway.

  26. Kathy Pelley

    As parents we can’t imagine the pain. We have no words to express the loss of our friend/honorary family member. We have loved and enjoyed our time with Karen on this Earth. She was a bright spot to our family. She never met a stranger. From Sunday dinners to living with us to celebrating holidays. Karen had a love for children, dogs, and a passion for her job. Her childlike love was an inspiration for all. She will forever be in our hearts. We know she has found the peace she had sought and deserved. We will miss our conversations, debates, but most of all our love for each other!
    RIP my dear Karen
    Tell God HOWDY! From the Pelley’s

  27. Brenda Morgan - Stein Mart (District Director South Texas)

    I consider myself truly blessed to have called Karen my friend. Although we met through work at Stein Mart many years ago, Karen made it easy for everyone to feel a connection with her. As a partner for District Directors with Stein Mart, her training was invaluable. But it was the way she made everyone in the training classes feel welcome, appreciated and that what they had to say was important. She lit up a room and made everyone feel like they were valued by her. I will miss texting back and forth with her during the Sooner games and holidays. My thoughts and prayers are for her family and friends. May the happy memories, and there are A LOT of them, help keep Karen’s fun, loving spirit soothing our hearts. Karen, I hope you’re being tossed lots of candy bars!! You will be greatly missed.

  28. Melica Potts

    I attended college with Karen at Oklahoma Christian, we were in the same social service club. She was a kind person with a great heart and smile. She was also a great athlete (man did we have some fun with intramural sports). I enjoyed keeping up with Karen vis socal media and ran into her not long ago and had a quick chat and the best hug. She’ll be missed. Prayers for a peace that passed all understsnding for her family and friends. ♡

  29. Condolences to the family and friends of Karen Greenway. She will truly be missed. I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Karen for the past several years. Karen conducted training classes for the district making each session fun and informative. Karen was always very knowable and a leader in her field. The world is a bit darker without Karen.

  30. Prentice Carter

    Karen was such a wonderful person. Training class will not be the same. She will be missed and I will always continue to think about her whenever I see the Oklahoma Sooners play!!!!

  31. Cristy Greene

    I’m so sad to hear this and my thoughts and prayers go out to Karen’s family and friends. I was lucky enough to attend one of her training classes for Stein Mart in Mount Pleasant, SC. I have never had so much fun learning about operations! She was a great teacher who made the class enjoyable! She had a great sense of humor which made her excellent at her job! I liked her personal touch sharing stories. Whenever I had questions she was very helpful and quick to respond. I was looking forward to our next meeting. She will be greatly missed by all of us who knew her on any level. God bless you Karen!

  32. Jamie Crouch

    Karen was a wonderful friend. In high school she always was there to make me laugh and knew just when I needed encouragement. I loved how she was always there to make everyone smile. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  33. Shanda Williams

    My deepest sympathy & prayers go out to Karen’s family & friends. She was definitely an inspiration, witty and just a great person you actually enjoyed learning from. How I will miss the training sessions and especially her chocolate handouts! The sun lost a little of it’s shine and she will truly be missed by her Stein Mart Family.

  34. Tarron Hilliard-Stein Mart

    From the day I met Karen she was a bundle of joy with so much fun, enthusiasm and full-filled energy. I always admired her wonderful kind-hearted spirit. She was an outstanding coach who trained and made you feel important in all she did. I am so touched by her loss that words can’t begin to explain. My condolences go out to her friends & family at this time to have strength and faith with her passing. Her spirit and warm sensitive well being will always be with our Stein Mart family forever more. For we are one team and she will be missed but most definitely never forgotten.

    Comforting Thoughts,
    Tarron Hilliard

  35. Lorraine McBee

    I am just shocked to hear of the passing of Karen. She was such a great colleague and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in her “classes” for Stein Mart; she made them interesting easy to remember. She will certainly be missed by her Stein Mart family.

    My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

  36. My thoughts and prayers go out to Karen’s family, there’s a big hole in Oklahoma today! Who doesn’t remember being “rewarded” with chocolate bars for being enthusiastic during her Operations Meetings!
    Boomer Sooner Karen…Rest in peace.

  37. Ann Bellamy

    I was saddened to read of the loss of Karen. She was admired and liked by all. She was a genuinely warm person and made everybody feel important. My thoughts and prayers to her family at this time. She will be greatly missed by her Stein Mart family.

  38. Paula Fischer

    I was blessed to have had the good fortune to attend several of Karen’s training classes. Karen had a special knack for taking what some may have considered a not too exciting topic and make it fun and educational. I never left one of her classes without learning new things and was always inspired by her to reach to the next level. Karen’s smile filled the room with joy. Our world was a brighter place with her in it and now our heaven above will be brighter with her there.
    Thank you Karen, it was a pleasure and an honor to have known and worked with you.

  39. Olga Babin, GM Stein Mart 370 Colorado Springs, CO

    I was fortunate to have worked with Karen in Edmond/OKC when she was hired as AP in market many, many years ago. I have many great memories of my friend the crazy 150% crazy BOOMER SOONER driving the big yellow truck!
    I remember her wheeling herself around the store wheelchair to ensure aisles were wide enough…trust me, if they were not she would let me know! Many lunches and dinners were filled with her BFF dog stories, much laughter and the ever present contagious smile!
    After many years together Karen moved to FL and I to TX. We stayed in touch through a couple of e-mails every once in a while and I looked forward to our annual operations meetings as I was sure to get her bear hug and time to catch up until the next year. I was always proud when Karen would share with teams that she and I went way back. I felt like a proud mama this last August when she explained to CO team that I had a hand in raising her.
    Karen was a great trainer and leader. She had the uncanny knack of getting people to want to do what she needed done. I am very proud of her and am a better person for having her in my life.
    My prayers are with Karen, her family and of course Harley.
    I miss her already!

  40. Alice Hatfield

    I had the privilege of working with Karen from the very beginning of her Stein Mart career. I knew immediately she was an incredible spirit and joy to be around! She had a way of making time for everyone, listening and making you feel like she would always be in your corner. She was an incredible person, teacher and leader! I will miss her tremendously! My condolences to her family and all her friends and her work family! She truly impacted every one of us and made a difference!

  41. Sandra Gray

    I was fortunate to be able to attend several or Karen’s Ops. Training courses. She infused them w/excitement and fun. I don’t think anyone loves their job more than Karen. She was always available if you had questions and no question was insignificant. My condolences go out to her family!

  42. Wayne Soles

    My deepest condolences and prayers for Karen and family. Karen was truly an inspiration to us all at Stein Mart. Rest in Peace my friend.

  43. I can still hear her say sis, you ok. What are we gonna cook. Hey sis let’s take a ride. Karen was a wonderful soul, always there ready to help even if she didn’t know you. Yep she became my sis and I have missed the good times we had, we had tears, debates, laughs, Just like sisters. My heart goes out to the family and YES INDEED She loved Her Mother. Who I am happy to say I got to meet.
    So Karen Fly high my sister rest in the sweetest peace and just know I’ve been talking to you ever day.
    Thank you for all you did for me, in my time of need. You are the best!!!!
    Just remember
    GEAUX Saints….

  44. Cajun Sis, Louisiana

    I can still hear her say sis, you ok. What are we gonna cook. Hey sis let’s take a ride. Karen was a wonderful soul, always there ready to help even if she didn’t know you. Yep she became my sis and I have missed the good times we had, we had tears, debates, laughs, Just like sisters. My heart goes out to the family and YES INDEED She loved Her Mother. Who I am happy to say I got to meet.
    So Karen Fly high my sister rest in the sweetest peace and just know I’ve been talking to you ever day.
    Thank you for all you did for me, in my time of need. You are the best!!!!
    Just remember
    GEAUX Saints….

  45. Penswala Horton, Steinmart

    I am really sadden by the passing of Karen. I had the pleasure of being in several of Karen’s training classes. She always had a burst of energy and had the best training classes that were never boring. She was an awesome trainer and I really learned a lot from her. She loved her job here with Steinmart and wanted to be the best partner she could to all she worked with. She will truly be missed. Karen, Rest in Peace!!!! You will never be forgotten!!

  46. Lori Johnson

    So very saddened to hear of the news of Karen passing. She truly was a very special person to meet her was to instantly like and love her! Hands down the BEST Trainer ever!! Her classes were always filled with fun and lots of laughter. Karen you will be greatly missed! RIP

  47. Alma Zamarripa, APC

    I had the pleasure of meeting Karen at our yearly training meetings and each year I looked forward to attending the meeting because she made them so much fun to attend, never boring, always laughing; but, we got the message. Karen, you are missed already, our prayers for her Family. Rest in Peace Karen, don’t forget to share the chocolate with the Angels.

  48. Dale Ferris

    I didn’t know Karen personally only professionally but she made me feel like I knew her personally. She was simply that kind of person. She was absolutely the best teacher and trainer that I have ever experienced. She lit up the room she was in and made everyone feel special. I’m very sorry for the loss of this beautiful person and I am praying for her family and friends. Rest in peace, Karen

  49. Kelly Buetow Klutznick, Stein Mart

    Deepest condolences and prayers to Karen’s family and friends.
    In these moments of great ordeal, words are useless…..God rest her soul in peace and the angels to always be there for you!
    Karen, you will always be in our Hearts and May you Rest In Peace!

  50. Lora Williams

    My prayers for Karen’s family and friends. She was a beautiful person, great trainer always keeping it interesting and joyful. Always look forward to attending a training class with her. She was always a great help with sharing all her information. Her smile, laughter making you feel welcome her knowledge. Sharing so much she will greatly missed.

  51. Holly & Gary (aka Scooter)

    There is a hole in our heart left by the passing of our dear friend. Karen’s contagious laugh and smile made the world a better place. She made friends wherever she went and had a love for all animals, especially toothless chihuahuas and big hearted boxers. We are blessed to have known Karen and honored that she considered us family. We will never be the same, but we are better because Karen existed in this world even for a short time.
    I know she’s now found the peace she searched for here on Earth.

    “And when great souls die,

    after a period peace blooms,

    slowly and always

    irregularly. Spaces fill

    with a kind of

    soothing electric vibration.

    Our senses, restored, never

    to be the same, whisper to us.

    They existed. They existed.

    We can be. Be and be

    better. For they existed.”

    ― Maya Angelou

  52. Tim Bradley, Stein Mart

    My sincere condolence to the family and friends, I am so sorry for your loss. I worked with Karen for years and she was truly a pleasant and energetic person. She loved her job and was the best trainer I ever came into contact with, her classes were always fun and informative. Rest in peace you will be missed.

  53. Jimmy Baker - - Stein Mart

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Greenway family. Karen will definitely be missed. I always looked forward to going to her training classes , they were so informative and FUN. She was an awesome person and I was happy and lucky to know her. God speed be with you – – Karen.

  54. Karen you were full of love and made everyone feel They were important. The world lost a light for many when we lost you. You gave the best hugs and that contagious laugh could make anyone smile. May you Rest In Peace and knownthat we will not forget you. You were so loved!

  55. Bonnie Wyatt

    My deepest condolences and prayers for Karen and family. Karen was truly an inspiration to us all at Stein Mart.

  56. Luci Anglin

    My prayers and condolences go to Karen’s family and friends! I met Karen years ago when she showed up at my store to do my first ever audit with Stein Mart. Most dreaded seeing an auditor, but that was not the case with Karen. Then she transitioned into the training aspect and I could not think of anyone better. She shared her knowledge and did it with such joy and wanted it to be fun for all. Karen will truly be missed but never forgotten!

  57. Karen was the most amazing and loving person. She always put everyone before herself. She was an insperation to me and my children. You’ll always be in our hearts. We live you Uncle Karen. Xoxo

  58. I’m very saddened by the news of Karen’s passing. I feel a little light has dissipated from my life. My heart is heavy and my soul broken. She could light up a room with just her presence and smile. I wish all of these comments and compliments had been given to her earlier. I can honestly say she saved my life a little over a year ago. Thank you Karen. You are already missed, but never forgotten. I love you. You were the best of friends when I needed someone. I wish I could have been that rock for you.

  59. Karen’s contagious smile, as well as her fun, beautiful spirit will always be an inspiration.
    Instead of goodbye, she always said “Later gator.”
    Later gator. XOXO

  60. Mike Patterson

    As everyone has mentioned Karen had a heart of gold.
    She was too hard on herself at times.
    As I told her once Karen you are just living life it has it’s
    travails. We all have our ups and downs. But that is just my
    way of saying I wish you were still around kiddo! You will
    be missed !

    Prayers for YOU and your family and friends!

  61. Stephanie Zeringue

    My heart breaks for your family and friends. I am saddened for me and all of our Stein Mart family to have lost such a beautiful ray of light in the work place. It is difficult to believe we will never see your smiling face in the store or in a training class again. I trust you found the peace you sought and so deserve.

    1. my sweet friend……… I cant believe that you are gone……….still waiting for you to come bouncing around the corner with a high five an awesome hug and amazing conversation……….you will always be in my heart…………….I love you!

  62. Karen was a shining star. She was always available to answer any question. Her laughter was contagious.
    Her smile lit up a room. Her training classes amazing. She was always quick with stories about Harley and made you duck from flying candy. She was truly an inspiration and will be missed. RIP my friend.

  63. Rhonda Kauffman

    I will always remember our fantastic 2 hour dinners. You are a gem and will be so missed.

  64. Lori Sheehan

    What a bright and shining light the world has lost. Karen was such a dynamo and advocate for positive change and teamwork at Stein Mart. She was truly one of a kind. Prayers and sincere condolences to her family, friends and pup. I know your lives will be forever changed as will ours at Stein Mart. I’m sure she’s throwing candy bars in heaven right now!

  65. Michael Chicarell, Stein Mart

    My condolences to Karen’s family. Karen had a way of turning boring training into an interesting, fun and lively experience; a true professional that had a positive impact at Stein Mart.

  66. Loretta Lesley, Steinmart

    My condolences to Karen’s family and friends. What a bright and shining star we all have lost. She was truly one of a kind. I am so saddened that all the Steinmart family has lost such a beautiful, fun, energetic person for our workplace. What a beautiful spirit. We will certainly miss you. My prayers to all the family and friends.

  67. Heather Jacobsen #427

    I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Karen at several training sessions over the years. Her infectious enthusiasm for her job was evident and her personality made the training sessions a true joy. I had the opportunity to speak with her about my degree last time we saw each other and my hopes of eventually moving into her field. Her genuine interest and comments were of such a nature I will never forget. She will be missed beyond words by all who knew her.

  68. Linda Mercer

    Karen is incredible, that is my word for her, we always looked forward to her training classes, my associates could learn more from 1 training lessons than I could teach in a week. She was incredible about how she made you feel. Such a asset to this company, we were lucky to know. God bless her family each and everyday.
    Linda Mercer

  69. Vanessa Moreno , Stein Mart El Paso TX

    My condolences to Karen’s friends and Family. I had the privilege to meet Karen at work. Karen always made trainings Fun and easy to understand. I was fortunate to go to a training in New Orleans with her. We went to dinner with some other Associates and she invited me to eat oyster. I never had Oyster before and was not excited on trying new food. She told me you only live once. Her super fun personality is what convinced me. I will never forget that. A silly memory I will cherish of Karen.
    I will miss you greatly Karen. May you RIP.

  70. Melody Yarbrough

    No words can express my condolences to her family as Karen was one of a kind and a dinamic person. Kind, patient and just the type of person you want to be around. Her smile was contagious. I looked forward to taking my team to her training because she cared if they learned something and it was genuine and engaging in a way I have never seen. I am a better person for having known her.

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