Joanna “Jo” Peters

Joanna “Jo” PetersPeters, Joanna


Jo was born on March 17th, 1959, in Keokuk, Iowa. She was born to the late Janet Wilcox. She left this world on July 3rd, 2018. She is survived by: her husband, Danny Edens of Edmond, Her sister-in-law, Melva Peters-Ferguson of Texas, Her cousins; Sharon Voorhees of Texas and Dale Starr of Florida. Her brother, Phil Kay of Iowa. Daughter-in-law, Christine Edens and granddaughters Alex and Flora of Ohio, Son-in-law Brian Warner and his children, Addrianna Ledford, Tyler, Taylor, Malerie, and LynZee Warner of Texas. Granddaughters, Tiffani Wallace of Okc, Courtany Sanders of Edmond, Paige Tyson of Guthrie, Destiny Peters of Enid, Grandson  Dale Peters-Hixon of Crescent, and Great-Grandson Drake Mckelvy of Okc.

Jo grew up in Edmond, and attended Edmond Memorial High School. She graduated in the class of ’77. She had many friends that loved her, and she loved helping people in need. She worked at Environmental Management Inc. for over 20 years. She was an amazing person inside and out, she will truly be missed by everyone who knew her.

Jo was preceded in death by her mother Janet Wilcox, Her late husband David Jay Peters, her daughter April Peters-Warner, and her son David Arthur Peters.

Jo’s memorial service is Friday, July 13th, 2018. At the First Assembly of God in Guthrie, ok, at 10am. Anyone who wants to attend is welcome.

13 thoughts on “Joanna “Jo” Peters”

  1. Mary R. Starr

    Oh my sweet friend. You will be so greatly missed in this world. Your special heart for anyone in need is irreplacable! I love you so much and know that you will be met in heaven with open arms!
    Mary Starr

  2. Anonymous

    I went to school with jo! And just seen her not too long ago!! I am so sad to hear this and am praying for her family!

  3. Jan S Provine

    I never knew Jo, but so appreciate the tremendous amount of work she put into the Edmond High School Memorial page. Reading her obituary, she had a lot of loss in her life. That had to have been so painful. May you rest in peace, Jo.

  4. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

    Jo…my Leon sestra…we had some good times on this ride…I know you were a fantastic…loving person who was loved and will be greatly missed…rest easy honey…

  5. Cindy Riedl

    This news was so shocking. I greatly enjoyed our Facebook exchanges and DEEPLY admired her strength through multiple tragedies. I pray she has found the answers she sought and the peace she deserves, and that her family can find comfort in that.

  6. I first met Jo in 2009 when my family moved to Edmond. We moved out of state in 2013, but Jo and I stayed in contact with one another. We had a shared mutual interest, some of her grandchildren are also my nieces.

    In sharing life in those four short years, we found that we actually had quite a lot in common. We shared our secrets – as comrades do – and laughed and cried over things that other people didn’t really understand. We did a lot of praying together as well – she for me and me for her. I knew that I could share almost anything with Jo – she listened, never judging, always with compassion and love.

    I get the feeling she was that way with everyone she met. She had a way of connecting with people, of quickly making them feel welcome, as though they became an immediate part of her beloved family.

    Jo loved with all of her, I don’t think she knew how to do it part way. I never heard Jo speak an unkind word about anyone. If she had a difficult encounter with someone she went out of her way to see their side of things. She gave others the benefit of doubt, even when she knew she wasn’t getting that in reverse.

    I’m sure her older grandkids will never forget her. Tiffani, Courtany, Paige, you three are already amazing women! I hope you knew how much your momo was proud of each of you. Now it’s up to you girls to pass on all that you learned from her to the younger ones. You can be her voice.

    I know you have lots of people there that love you, but I want you to know that you are loved by your family here in Indiana as well. Our door is always open to you. Uncle Mike and I love you and though we are not there in body, we are with you in spirit.

    1. Tiffani Wallace

      Thank you Aunt Barb that means a lot. Idk how things will turn out but we’re so thankful for all the love, kind words and prayers <3 -Tiffani

      1. Praying for you sweetheart. It’s going to be tough tomorrow, there’s no way around that. Just know as you are there that a lot of people love you all.

  7. karen hamby

    I will miss you so much sweet lady, She helped me with so much I love you

  8. Mike Anderson

    Jo, although we had not known each other long, you and I had a great connection via your Leon Russell Facebook page. I’m sure it will continue in your honor.
    My heart ached for you with the loss of your children, we talked about that. I don’t know how much hurt a heart can hold, but I don’t think mine could contain such a loss. And it is with that thought that I want to believe you went home to be with your kids.
    Thanks be we crossed paths. I hope we do it again.


  9. Missy Reid

    I did not know Jo, but when my son passed away she sent kind words to me via Facebook. Now I know why she reached out to a stranger. Thank you for your kindness Jo.

  10. CJS Weddington

    With appreciation for all the work Jo Peters did as the administrator of the Leon Lifers group page on Facebook to connect fans of Leon Russell. You will be greatly missed in this world, Jo, and save me a spot down front for the concerts up there in Heaven with MOSAT & The Wrecking Crew & the rest of the Choir of Angels! What a hootenanny and a reunion, fly home to be with those you loved the most, your family is together again, a circle of love in a place where there’s no space or time… <3 ~ Cat

  11. Distant cuz Jo just found out it will be awhile before we meet. I did enjoy getting caught up on our families. So looked forward to the day when we could hug, cry, laugh, and share our stories. Now we’ll have to wait a while longer. Love ya Cuz Mark

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