Jennifer Anne McKaughan

Jennifer Anne McKaughan

1978 – 2019McKaughan, Jennifer

A graveside service will be held at Gracelawn Cemetery on Tuesday, August 13, at 11:00 A.M.

5 thoughts on “Jennifer Anne McKaughan”

  1. Bill Kaiser

    Jennifer, I wish we would have been able to have had more time together, You was such an amazing woman, with the most beautiful heart & soul. I miss talking with you & the conversations we was able to have. I miss spending time with you & the precious time we had together. I felt drawn to you from the first time I saw you & you had told me the same thing. We felt a connection that couldn’t be explained. As we grew closer together as friends our hearts also grew closer together. I fell in love with you & who you was. Jennifer, I know you loved me, I could hear it in your voice & felt it in my soul when you would say you loved me. Jennifer I love you & I will always love you; you will always be in my heart. Jennifer you was my friend, you was my heart.

  2. kelly kaiser

    I did not know you other than by our phone calls, but even that being said I felt that I knew you. You and I had the same thoughts, the same of many things in our lives. Jennifer, you were and are a bright light even though you were sad. You always listened, you cared with everything in you. your heart was golden and so big with so much love for people and life. You were an inspiration to me. You will never be forgotten I will always hold our conversations in my heart. I miss you Jennifer.

  3. April Shelton

    Jennifer, The last thing we talked about Friday was that if you needed anything you would call me. I still don’t understand why you never called. When you told me you felt like I could help you because I had overcome the same demons you were struggling with and that I was an inspiration to you that made me want to help you more but I never got the opportunity. Monday after my first day at my new job and I called you but you didn’t answer. Tuesday I also called but still no answer. At that point I was worried. Wednesday or Thursday is when I heard the news. I pray your at peace. I’m praying for all of your friends and family as I know they are hurting. I love you friend and I hope I’ll see you again someday.

  4. Allison verduci

    Jennifer, last thing i said to you was good luck on a job you where hoping to get. It saddens my heart that with the talks we had about your son and life and the love you had for your boys that you didnt reach out to me when i said if you ever needed to talk or if you ever needed anything. I can only pray for your son and family and hope that they find some comfort and healing. I hope you are reunited and rejoicing with your son up in heaven, i knew how much it tore you up inside . Im going to miss messing with you at work and making you laugh.. you had a good heart and good intentions. Fly free my friend…

  5. Jenn, I only knew you for a short time, but the the I got to talk with you I enjoyed it. You always did your job quite well. I don’t know what you were going through but I just wished things could be so different. I’m going to miss hearing your voice and seeing you at work. May God give your family strength at this time. Until we meet again

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