Jeff Whitehead

Jeff Whitehead

1953 – 2019Obit and folder pic

Jeffery Lee Whitehead, 65, departed this life on Monday, June 3, 2019. He was a devoted and loving husband, Dad and Papa.

Jeff was born on September 28, 1953 to Jack and Carole Whitehead in Topeka, Kansas. He graduated from Lawrence High School in 1971. He began at Oklahoma Christian College in the fall of 1972. It was at OCC where he met the love of his life, Tommye Lea Wallace. While Jeff attended OCC, he played baseball, worked many jobs and became a father. Jeff graduated from Oklahoma Christian College with a degree in Education. Jeff became the proud owner of Whitehead Food Equipment in 1992. Jeff served the Lord’s church in various rolls throughout his life. He was well known as a song leader, teacher, and a shepherd for the Edmond Church of Christ. Jeff served the prison ministry at Joseph Harp Correctional Facility for over 20 years. As anyone who knew Jeff, knew that one of his favorite hobbies was singing. Jeff sang with many different groups beginning with the OK Chorale in the early 80’s, Music Central and most recently with Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma. Jeff was known as a man who loved God and his family.

He dedicated his life to serving both. Jeff is preceded in death by his father Jack Whitehead and his brother Joe Whitehead. Jeff is survived by his wife Tommye Whitehead; his son Jared and wife Paige – children Thompson, Bode and Cooper; his son Joshua and wife Jane; his daughter Tomi Jo and husband Nate Crawford – children Daxton and Tomie Ann; his mother Carole; his sister Diane and husband Richard Heltzel; brother Don; sister-in-law Becky and husband Mike Ray; Debbi and Mike Morton; sisters-in-law Sandy and Don Proctor; Mary and Steve Kelly and many nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be 11 a.m. Saturday, June 8, 2019 at the Edmond Church of Christ with interment will follow at Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Norman, OK.

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  1. Colin Webb

    Jeff was an intelligent and exceedingly kind man. He cared deeply for those around him. He was a good musician who was especially fond of compositions dedicated to The Almighty whom he served faithfully. Prayers and blessings to his family and all who mourn his passing.

  2. Lawana Perrault

    Jeff was a really great guy, funny, caring, a wonderful husband and father. People were drawn to him, and he loved people. I remember him leading the great hymn, “Victory in Jesus” at Eastside Church of Christ. He led it often. He was dedicated to God and family and was a good influence for all.
    I’ll be praying for the family that I’ve known most of my life. I love you all.

  3. Renee Perrault Motl

    What does one say about Jeff Whitehead? Least of all, he was funny! That guy could tell a story! Laughed til we cried. But most important and most glaringly obvious, he walked with God. He was so good to me and my family. The Whiteheads have walked a mile or two with us and made our journey easier. He was the epitome of why God created the church. To care for each other. And he always did. Angels took him to paradise yesterday. And he will always be loved and missed. Thank you God for putting Jeff Whitehead in my family’s path!

  4. Dana Ward

    Jeff was a wonderful friend and faithful servant of the Lord. He was a kind and loving husband and father. He and my husband, Fred, worked together as church treasurers and taught bible classes together at Eastside Church of Christ. He led the singing at my husband’s funeral. They were good friends. Much love and prayers for Tommye Lea, children, and extended family & friends.

  5. Jana Webb

    Jeff was a man after God’s heart. His heart was so big and giving. He gave freely of his love, his time and his knowledge. I rarely left his presence without a great, funny story. He and Tommie came into our lives and walked through some hard times with us. I will forever be grateful for their love. I miss you Jeff.

  6. Ann Jayne

    Jeff was a good friend. He always loved being around my boys. When Ian was little and in gymnastics, Jeff would extend his arms down, Ian would grab his hands, and then turn a flip, like he was on the gymnastics rings. Jeff and David went on a few fishing trips together. I loved his wit and dry sense of humor and the twinkle in his eyes. He will be missed terribly but I know he is enjoying his eternal home in heaven. Godspeed, Jeff.

  7. Lee Ann Cobb

    I was honored to be a bridesmaid in Jeff and Tommye’s wedding almost 44 years ago. Jeff married my best friend and has taken such good care of her and their 3 children. He was such a Godly man, spending so many hours in prison ministry. He loved to tease me that I was older…if only by 8 days. I’m heartbroken. He touched so many people, including me.

  8. I just remember our days at OCC and intramural sports with Beta Chi Omega. Roll Chi! Roll Jeff! You will be missed by many.

  9. Matt Batchelder

    I met Jeff during a Vacation Bible School rehearsal where we were in a singing group (surprise, surprise). Once Jeff found out that my wife was from Kansas, we were “in” :). He never missed a chance to reminisce about KS or chat about music.

    I saw Jeff’s love for people demonstrated in many ways, but perhaps the most memorable was one Sunday morning while he taught a bible class for recently married couples. He spoke of times early in his marriage that were hard and times that were wonderful. Times full of fear, and those of faith. Moments full of tears and moments filled with laughter. He poured himself into the class and didn’t hold back anything. As a new husband sitting in that class, it landed and stuck with me.

  10. Harold Molisee

    Went to Joseph Harp with Jeff over 14 years. He will be greatly missed. Harold Molisee

  11. vickie laster

    TJ and Nate: I’m so sorry for your loss. I didn’t know your dad but he left a great legacy in you. Praying for God’s peace and love to wrap around you during the days ahead. Love you

  12. Anonymous

    I first met my brother as he was driving a gray hound type bus back from a youth retreat at Quartz mountain Christian camp.
    At that time he was worshiping at Eastside church of Christ. The wind was blowing so hard it was all Jeff could do to hold us on the road.
    Years later he admitted his knuckles were sore and his nerves were shot when we got home.
    I think about the song “ when all of God’s singers get home”.
    Whitehead Family Thanks for sharing your Very Best with us.

  13. Vedia Ming

    My favorite memory of Jeff was while working with him at Taylor of Oklahoma where he was a salesman. He came in one afternoon, crept into my office with a huge grin on his face. He said he just had to tell someone. Instead of “working” that morning he had been playing golf….AND HE GOT A HOLE IN ONE!. But he couldn’t tell anyone.
    Another story he had was about going through the car wash to discover at the last minute his windows were down. He didn’t have power windows and was desperately trying to get them rolled up.
    He always had a brightness to his personality and quick to smile.

  14. Steve Craft

    What a loss. Jeff was a very good friend and business associate. I enjoyed playing softball with Jeff for many years. I also gained a lot of weight and later on was jittery after making calls for Jeff. See I was the Sweetheart Cup rep in Oklahoma and when Jeff would sell a few Taylor ice cream machines he would call me and I would go and sell them the ice cream cones, sundae dishes, banana boats, cups, etc. along with posters of ice cream to help them sell their product. So I gained a few pounds whenever Jeff called. Later Jeff started selling the coffee equipment. The same example he would sell the equipment and then when he had a few sold he would call me. I would then make the calls to provide the hot cups, gourmet dome lids etcetera. The only issue was early on in the gourmet coffee days I learned how expresso effect you after 5 calls. See every customer was like they had a new toy and wanted to show how Jeff had trained them to make all the new gourmet coffee offerings. So, being on a timeframe I would ask for those little shots of espresso so they could demonstrate. By the last few calls, I could set a world record as a fast talker. He thought that was always funny and we had many good times working together. He will definitely be missed and my heart goes out to his family. All the best.

  15. Merritt Roberts

    Our family placed our membership with the Edmond church of Christ in March of 2004 and Jeff immediately made an impact on our family by attending my dad’s funeral not long after that. Little did we know at the time, that this Godly man would Shepard us in ways that we we never imagined. His love, care, sense of humor and guidance proved invaluable over the years as we did life together. His steady, calm, compassionate demeanor was such a anchor that you could always count on. Jeff was someone you could talk to about anything and he was always there to listen with sound counsel and advise when needed, other times with deafening silence. The thing I appreciated most about him was his servant heart and love of God’s Word. I will be eternally grateful to Jeff for the mentoring role he has played in my life and the friendship we shared.

  16. Russ Sharp

    Although I don’t have decades of memories with Jeff that stand out over others, I first encountered him at a yearly singing event at Eastside(No surprise!) shortly after I moved to the Mid/Del area over 30 years ago. I didn’t know Him well back then, but when our paths began to cross more often at Edmond, I got to see what he had allowed God to continue to mold him into in the decades since our first meeting. He was never too busy to greet someone and find out how things were going, and as so many have already written, he genuinely cared about people.

    A great hole has now been left, most especially in the lives of Tommye, their children, grandkids, and Carole, but so many others, as well.

  17. Susan (Kerr) Turner

    I have known Jeff since the OC days a few years ago. Our families crossed paths at Harrah and Eastside in MWC. We will miss Jeff. Praying for the family peace.

  18. Michael Holman

    Jeff was an amazing man! I enjoyed skiing with him in the mountains of Colorado……. he floated on the snow and I would follow his lines a a youngster. He was a very positive influence on me when I was growing up at Eastside and always took the time to talk with me. he will be greatly missed!

  19. Jennie Curtis

    I had the pleasure of working with Jeff in business, for many years. I will miss his kind smile, and his quick wit, always at hand. It was always a pleasure to see him. He will be missed.
    Warmest regards, & deepest sympathy to the Whitehead family.
    Jennie Curtis

  20. Wow. Hearing Jeff has passed is tough to take. Jeff was a steady leader, devout christian and his whole family is salt of the earth.

    I too grew up around the Whitehead family at Eastside. Jeff was ALWAYS around, teaching bible classes, ministry prep classes for boys, driving the youth group bus, being a camp counselor, leading singing, doing announcements and whatever else needed to be done.

    I had the chance to know and work some with Jeff as an adult years later in Edmond too and he made me always want to be my best.

    My deepest sympathy goes out to Tommye, Jared and the whole Whitehead family.

    Keith May

  21. Tony Sellars

    Sad to learn of Jeff’s passing. He was a teammate at OC, and I was able to reconnect with him when his son played golf at OCU a few year’s back. Thoughts go out to Tommye and the famly.

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