Loris Jane Meadors

Loris Jane Meadors


Loris Jane Meadors, born as Loris Jane Cook to John Cook and Thelma Cook in Traverse City, Michigan on March 5th, 1931, passed away on May 12th, 2022.  Loris is preceded in death by two brothers and one sister. Loris graduated high school in Traverse City, Michigan. She then went to work at the telephone Company in Traverse City. Around 1954, Dan Meadors was on a Heavy Cruiser in the Pacific and a friend of Loris from high school was in the same division as Dan. He introduced Dan to Loris by mail. Dan and Loris then corresponded by mail until Dan was discharged from the Navy. After Dan was discharged, he made a trip to Traverse City to spend time with Loris. After about 10 days, Dan returned to his hometown of Waco, Texas, where he was working at the Waco News Tribune. Loris called Dan and said, “I am coming to Waco.” Loris got a transfer to work at the Telephone Company in Waco. They married July 26, 1957. Dan went to work for the City of Waco in Traffic Control. Around 1967, Dan went to work with Econolite Traffic Control and they moved to Garland, Texas. Econolite was going to close the Office that Dan was working out of in Fort Worth, Texas, so Dan got a job with Southwestern Electric in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1977. Dan then started working at Traffic Signals, INC. in 1982 where Loris was a big help in getting the company started.

Dan and Loris have three boys, Carl Eugene, Robert Boyd, and Michael John, and one girl, Donna Francene. Dan and Loris enjoyed traveling while they were in their 60’s. They went to France, the Caribbean Islands, and a cruise to Alaska. Loris worked at different companies in Edmond throughout their years here. Loris was a terrific mother and a wonderful wife of 65 years who will be dearly missed.

Services are to be held on Wednesday, May 18th at 2:00 PM at the Matthews Funeral Home Chapel. Interment is at Crawford Cemetery in Crawford Texas.

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