Harold Wayne Nunn

Harold Wayne Nunn

Nunn, Harold

1943 – 2020


Harold Nunn, 76, passed away Thursday, April 2, 2020. He was born in Plainwell, Michigan on July 13, 1943. At the age of 17, Harold enlisted in the United States Navy and proudly served for 10 years including a tour in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. He moved to Oklahoma in 1982, and later started his own business, Small Business Accounting & Tax, Inc. Many of his clients became lifelong friends. He loved taxes and working with the IRS to prove them wrong. He took great pride in his profession and reluctantly retired in November 2010. Harold married the love of his life, Betty on June 8, 1990. For the next 30 years they laughed, loved, and cried together and met life’s challenges as one.

Harold had a personal relationship with God that guided him through his turmoils and triumphs.

Harold is survived by his wife Betty, their 5 children, Angela & Brian Thompson, Crystal & Buddy Wallace, Wendy Redwine, Ben Nunn, and Sara & Mike Covington, Sister Becky & David Linihan, 6 grandchildren, Rilynn, Baylee, Ashley, Traci, Triniti, Blake, and numerous nieces and nephews. One of the things we loved about him was when he said grace at family gatherings. Saying grace was dear to his heart and he would always cry before getting to Amen. He always wanted a kiss and a hug from his family when entering the room and we will truly miss that. His little smile, which sometimes was a smirk, will live in our hearts forever. He was a wonderful, caring husband, father, and friend who will be missed greatly by all who knew him.

A public visitation will be held on Sunday, April 5, 2020, at Matthews Funeral Home from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM in Edmond, Oklahoma.

On a personal note, if Harold had written his own obituary, he would have said “. . . ”.

17 thoughts on “Harold Wayne Nunn”

  1. Jimmy Jack and Gay

    To one of my heros, and great friend. God bless my friend breathing has become easy again.

  2. Brian Thompson

    Dear God,
    Thank you for this time I had on earth. Thank you for sending me Betty, the Love of my life and Savior. Thank you for blessing me with such a loving family and many lifelong friends. There is nothing more important to me than Family! I will always be watching down over them for I am know at Peace in Heaven.


    1. Thank you Harold for making me feel like I belonged when I met you you over 9 years ago. You always encouraged me when things might not be going so good, and often told me “I’m proud of ya honey”, when I had some small success. You were always real, always kind and ready to help the next one suffering. I’ll miss you, but I’ll always be glad I got hang out with you and the rest of us twice a week in the church basement. Thanks again for helping me trudge the road of Happy Destiny Mr. Nunn!

  3. Robert Armstrong

    Harold thank you for all you have done for me over the last 29 years. I guess now you know how much you were a part of my life. I’m going to miss the meetings and phone calls even though sometimes I dreaded making them you always had everyone’s best interest at heart. I’ll text you on Monday to remind you were you need to be and at what time. See you on Sunday.

  4. Ashley Thompson

    It was such a blessing having a papa like Harold. He was such a brave man throughout his life and is someone who has greatly impacted the world in such a positive way. I will miss him dearly and will never forget how great of a person and grandfather he was.

  5. Rilynn Mason

    I am so incredibly grateful to have had a role model like Harold to look up to while growing up. God truly could not have given me a greater papa to learn from, to love, and to build a relationship with. He was always so encouraging and supportive of me in all my endeavors, yet was also a straight shooter. He will forever be in my heart and I am so thankful for all of the time we had together. I know right now he’s up in heaven watching some Fox News, drinking a cup of coffee, and smoking a cigarette as he now watches over his loved ones. I will truly miss him and will cherish our memories forever.

  6. Michael Treece

    When so one comes into the family after there was so much happening at the time, one looks at them with a little skepticism but with a lot of hope. When Harold was going to marry my sister-in-law, I was wary and a protective wave came over me. That all went away once I met him. Harold was a man’s man. You knew right away who he was and what he thought. He was exactly the person that I had hoped would come along for her. A strong sense that he was in love and would do everything in his power to protect her. Harold was exactly the man to be in each of our lives.

    He was a man, but never ashamed or scared to show his love for family. Always there to give a hug and you knew he was honestly glad to see you. It was always a great time to be around him. He enjoyed good jokes, talking about being together, or thinking about the next family reunion.

    He was an easy man to like and an even easier man to love. One does not find many people who are as honest with you or cares as much as he did for you and family. I feel honored to have had the time to spend with him and have him in our family. I know he will always look out for his family and be there in our hearts.

    1. I enjoyed getting to know Harold some years ago. He never sugar coated anything. I think he knew there simply wasn’t time left for some of us. He ran a tight ship, and stayed true to the objective. He offered what he knew to work, and was never patronizing. Harold was a bit of a kidder as well, and I don’t think I’ve heard one that would make him blush. He will be missed. I’m grateful for the time I had with him.

  7. I thank God for our weekly talks and drive-by visits?. Harold shared often his gratitude to God for the life he had. Every conversation he would mention his love, appreciation and gratitude for his wife. But, he would be quick to say, “don’t tell Betty that; she will get a big head.” Harold also shared his gratitude to be part of a loving, caring and supportive family.
    He was quick to remind me, ” always keep your priorities straight sis; God and family first.”

    So now, I give thanks to God for you Harold. Thank you for your love, support and mentoring moments. I am so proud of you. You truly role-modeled love of God, family, and country. You finished your race well.

  8. Judy Moffett Peoples

    Lifting you all in prayer during this hard time of grief. Betty, so sorry for the loss of your Harold. Love you all.

  9. Nancy VanDeVeire

    Betty and family,
    Please know our thoughts are with you at this time of sorrow. Harold was a great blessing to my family as our accountant for our family trusts. I always enjoyed visiting with him as he had such a great sense of humor. He could always brighten my day even on days we were dealing with taxes.
    May God’s peace be with you all.
    Nancy VanDeVeire

  10. Steve Sharpe

    Shoulder to shoulder. I have never had a better friend. You knew when to put your shoe to my backside, and when to hug me. I will miss you more than words can express.

  11. I asked myself what was the greatest thing Harold taught me in the last 6 years.
    Gratitude? Yes
    Hope? Yes
    Meaning of family? Yes
    How to embrace a program of honesty and altruism? Yes
    But foremost for me was being taught to accept who and what I am; remember the past but do not live in it.
    I loved him and will sorely miss him.

  12. One final thought. Betty, I thank God for you and your family. The love you showered on my brother was the love of Christ. Thank you also for the love you have shown me and my family. Forever grateful for you all.

    Rebecca (Becky) Linihan

  13. Robin & Jim Riley

    Harold was not only our accountant, but also our dear friend.
    He helped us steer our nonprofit, Jim Riley Outreach, down the right path and encouraged us to have standards of excellence in every respect. When he retired he was able to serve on our Board of Directors as our very competent Treasurer. He had such a gift of being very businesslike and efficient, and making us laugh at the same time.
    Betty, it was at our house over 30 years ago that we witnessed a love blooming between you both. He adores you and always gave God the credit for giving him what he needed with you, not what he deserved. We disagree, he deserved the best and you were it for him! Thank you for caring for him through sickness and health. We can’t imagine how difficult it must have been those last days having to be apart. Well done!
    We miss and love Harold deeply. He brought so much laughter to our lives!

    Love to you and your family,
    Robin & James

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