Fawn Michelle Bainter

Fawn Michelle Bainter


Bainter, FawnFawn Michelle Bainter, 47, of Guthrie, OK, passed away on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at Integris Hospital in Edmond. Fawn was born in Oklahoma City, OK on January 23, 1966 to her parents Bobby C. Rutherford and Sharon K. Albright. She was preceded in death by both parents and maternal grandparents, W. Earl and Mildred E. Albright.

Fawn served in the United States Army, including overseas where she was stationed in Germany and developed a love for travel. Motivated by her desire to help others, she later acquired a bachelor’s degree in Gerontology from the University of Central Oklahoma. Fawn was passionate in her love of animals and found fulfillment in her role as Vice President for Pet Angels Rescue in Guthrie, OK. She also enjoyed assisting doctors and patients while working at Advanced Laser Center in Oklahoma City.

Fawn is survived by many loving friends and family including her brother, Jeff Bainter and wife Sherri of Edmond; Aunts and Uncles Earlyne and Gene Moninger of Northfield, Minnesota; Anita and Jim Leathers of Bath, Michigan; Michelle and Roger Albright of Dallas, Texas; and nephews Dakotah, Chas, Jeffrey and niece Megan, along with numerous cousins. She will be missed and remembered by them all.

A graveside service will be held at 3:30pm on Monday, October 28, at Resurrection Memorial Cemetery, 7801 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City. Arrangements made through Matthews Funeral Home, Edmond.

19 thoughts on “Fawn Michelle Bainter”

  1. What a sweetheart!! Always ready to help in anyway she could.
    You will be missed, Fawn!
    Susan Goade

    1. So so true . Never a time i ever called and she didn’t come to my rescue. She was the bestes friend you could ever have asked for . Lin

  2. This is from my mom Judy and I am linnie, ” she was the most non judgemental person I ever new. I loved her. Judy.”

  3. Annalee Miller

    She did have such a great love of dogs! I always saw her at petsmart on adopation day. She was a wonderful woman! She will be truly missed. Rest in peace Fawn.

  4. Youve been gone a week now. I know now your free hopefully with your areanna and in a really good place. Never forget the first time I was with you and you saw an abandon dog. Seeing you in action to take care of that dog when no one else would. Wow. You did the same with every human spirit that crossed your path. We spent so many good times together. 4th of julys will never be the same . That late night cleanin out the meat freezer made a lot of wild animals very happy. Don’t know a funner garage sale Girl. You made my world so fun and free even when that may not have been my reality. My love for fish tanks and fish our thanks to you. I will probably not want to help carry the biggest one again.:) I love ya girl and will continue to live the happiest life I know you would want for me. Miiss you for ever , your best friend linnie mason.

  5. Be glad when the hurt and sadness goes away. I miss you so much. You took a part of me with you. I will remember your infectious laugh, your witt, your love, and our last moments together at you’re home. So glad mom was with us . Wouldnt have made it thru it with out her. Just need time off knowing I can never see you again. Time I hope heels cause this is awful with out you . I love you fawn. Linlin.

  6. Hey. Have my good days but sure still hurts. Can’t figure out a way to deal with that. Except thank goodness for Garths new music. You would love it. I love it . I miss the hell out of you fawn. Love always linnie.

  7. I ain’t never loved anyone the way that I loved you. That is the song I love best by Garth.

  8. Well today we will celebrate your life love and passing. I miss you so much. Wish I could hear your infectious laugh. Take some crazy ride to save a dog . Go shopping with money we didn’t have. Party till the sun came up. Rearrange your house cause we wanted too. Oh yeah. Yatzee. Now that was fun. Only you gave me such tremendous joy of so many crazy wonderful times. Thanks for loving me like no other girl has. Happy birthday fawn. One hell iof a woman.

  9. Well I am so glad dana finally got the property. Hope she gets lots of help. Youhave been gone 5 months now . I miss u . Love always Lin Lin.

  10. Ahsan Qizilbash

    Just dont have words when I got this shocking and heart breaking news about her sudden demise. She was a wonderful, loving and caring human being who was always ready n go extra mile to help others. She was always nice to me and my daughter. I still remember when she was screaming in joy once I found her favorite car.
    She hugged me. Besides her severe illnesses she used to be always positive and happy person who keeps laughing. Just wanna tell that I love my dear friend Fawn and I miss you very much. May God bless you and your soul rest in peace in heaven amen.

  11. Fawn…my love my friend. I can feel you smile….your warmth ….laughter. you blessed my world with all things positive. I love and miss you. Linnie

  12. Jacqueline belch

    Fawn was a sweetheart my dad died his name was stephen Edward belch I’m only nine now but my mom knew fawn and I have her cat and dog fawn even babysitted me she said she loved me to pices my mom went down to Oklahoma I live in michagan now the day my mom told me fawn was dead I busted in to tears I loved fawn as my mom if miss u fawn

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