Dorothy Arensmeier

Dorothy Ellen Arensmeier

October 29, 1931 – February 19, 2023

In loving memory of Dorothy Arensmeier, age 91, who passed away at home in Edmond, Oklahoma on 2/19/2023 in the care of her family and Crossroads Hospice. Dorothy was born on 10/29/1931 in a farm house near New Salem, North Dakota, she was the beloved and cherished only child of Walter and Louise Wandrey.

Dorothy graduated from the Bismarck Hospital Nursing School in 1952 and served the needs of many as a registered nurse until her retirement as a school nurse from Harding University in 1997.  Dorothy and Wallace Arensmeier grew up on farms just miles from each other, but met while Wallace was door knocking for his church, it was a match made in heaven, and they were married on 7/11/1965 in Bismarck, North Dakota.

They worked on the family dairy farm together until 1985, when they moved to Searcy, Arkansas to raise rabbits and to watch their children go off to college. Dorothy is survived by husband Wallace Arensmeier, daughter Mary Young of Edmond, Oklahoma, son Mark Arensmeier of Geneva, Illinois, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held on Friday, February 24, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. at Matthews Funeral home 601 S Kelly Edmond, Oklahoma.  All memorial guests are invited to a reception following the service at the Fenwick HOA clubhouse 16801 Fenwick Blvd Edmond, Oklahoma 73012.  

There will be an open sharing time at the memorial. Comments in tribute of Dorothy are very welcome. For those unable to attend or who wish their comments to be read for them at the service, please leave those comments below.

We will be live streaming this service in an effort to accommodate those people that wish to attend but are not able to.  To watch the service CLICK HERE to go to our YouTube page. Click on ‘Videos’, then ‘Live Streams’.

16 thoughts on “Dorothy Arensmeier”

  1. I will miss Dorothy’s sweet smile and deep faith – we are so blessed to have been part of her family. Her children and grandchildren have followed in her footsteps, serving and loving her and Wallace as they’ve served and loved others. What a legacy, we love all of you very much.

  2. sue borowiak

    I enjoyed the times I was able to visit with Dorothy when she was visiting in Illinois ! She was such a nice caring person! I love you mark and cindy! I so wish I was there to give your family hugs!

  3. Collette Steele

    I will always treasure my Friday coffee time with Dorothy and Wallace. She always made sure there was fresh coffee and some kind of treat! Her love for God and her family was evident in her hospitality and wisdom she passed on to me . She always brought me back to the basics . Love God first , respecting my husband and love my family during good times and bad. She was like a second mom to me since my mom lived in Ohio and was about the same age . Thank you to her entire family for sharing such a kind and wise woman with the Steele family.

  4. I met Dorothy and Wallace once , I still remember her smile and a warm welcome and a hug , thank you for sharing your family. Mark and Cindy we love you . I wish I’m there for you . Our prayer and thoughts are with you . Hugs from Tess and Gil and family.

  5. – one of her best memories of Dorothy was at your wedding – she asked mom how she was, Mom said “I’d be better if I could go on a walk!” So Dorothy said “oh, I love to walk!” They walked 2 miles, and Mom loved her ever since!

  6. – one of her best memories of Dorothy was at your wedding – she asked mom how she was, Mom said “I’d be better if I could go on a walk!” So Dorothy said “oh, I love to walk!” They walked 2 miles, and Mom loved her ever since!

  7. Gary L. or Barbara A. Kline

    We cherish the beautiful memories with Dorothy and with Wallace during the early 80’s. We spent many hours with them on the farm and they let us grow a large garden while we pruned their orchard. We had a great time cleaning chickens that Wallace had butcherd. We had lots of fun and many laughs playing UNO at the kitchen table. Whenever Dorothy brough a cake for a church fellowship meal, I teased her because a piece was always missing. She would giggle and tell me that she wanted to make sure it was OK for others to eat.

  8. Deanette M Hedke

    Dorothy was always so kind to me when I would visit Mary and Jimmy. She and her husband spoke to me with such kindness in their hearts. We would have these wonderful conversations about God, friendship and relationships in general. I really appreciated their points of view and would look forward to our discussions the next time we would me. I could never thank them enough for their friendship and the wonderful friend they blessed the world with, Mary. Thank you and may god bless her and their soles forever. Dorothy and her family are greatly loved.

  9. Vicki Riddle

    Mary and Mark,
    I am so sorry to learn of your mom’s passing. Mom and Dad thought the world of her and your dad. Praying for all of you as you go through this difficult time.
    Vicki Gullickson Riddle

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