Doris Womack

K. Doris Womack


Womack goodDoris was born in Floyd, TX on February 28, 1920 to Jesse B. and Cordie Viola Eley. The family moved from Floyd, TX to Greenville, TX and then on to Dallas, TX. Doris graduated from Oak Cliff High School and got a job with the Texas Natural Gas Company where she met her husband, William “Kimzey” Womack, as he came in every month to pay his bill. They were married on March 16, 1932 and resided with his mother for a little while. They soon obtained a rental house and resided there until William shipped out with the Marines to serve in the Pacific campaign. They remained in Texas until 1968, when they moved to Oklahoma City for William to accept a promotion.

Doris and William moved to Edmond, OK in 1969 where they remained the rest of their lives. Doris always said, “My occupation is being a mother to two fine boys and a wife to a wonderful man.” Doris was active in her community through various roles. Doris was very active in Peace Lutheran Church as well as St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. During his run for Governor she was a Bellmon Belle for Henry Bellmon and she was very proud of this.

She was a long-time volunteer at the E.A.R.C. thrift shop. After they moved to the Bradford Village Retirement Community (at that time it was the Oklahoma Christian Home) she was active in community activities.

Services will be held at Peace Lutheran Church in Edmond, OK on Saturday September 20, 2014 at 10 am. Interment will follow at Gracelawn Cemetery.

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