Daniel Travis Formhals

Daniel Travis Formhals


Daniel Travis Formhals was born on August 26, 1980 in Edmond, Oklahoma.  He completed his work on earth on September 14, 2023 in Oklahoma City and returned to his eternal home, where he resides with his Creator, the angels and saints, family, and other loved ones who preceded him on the journey home.

Dan was an artist and an enthusiast.  He was a cum laude graduate of Oklahoma City University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a Minor in Fine Arts.  He was a brilliant glassblower, and was largely self-taught in that art. He was a talented potter.  He was a creative cook and a “foodie”.  He was a lover of travel and especially loved Spain, New Mexico, and trout fishing in the Ozarks.  He was a concerned follower of current events and was never shy about sharing his analyses and critiques of national and world affairs.  He was an avid horticulturist.  He was a fanatical lover of dogs.   

In his youth and early adulthood, Dan’s boldness, audacity, fearlessness, dreadlocks, and fondness for going barefoot were legendary.

Dan was a loyal, sweet, and loving friend and a dear son, brother, grandson, nephew, and cousin. 

Daniel is survived by his mother Debra Brewer-Formhals, father Sherman Formhals, brother James Aaron Formhals, grandmother Mary Brewer, aunt Cathy Gordon and uncle Scott Gordon, aunt Marsha Brewer,  aunt Cara Thompson and uncle Michael Thompson, uncle Hugh Formhals, aunt Arlene Butler, and a host of cousins and friends.  He was preceded on his journey home by his grandfather, Carroll Brewer, grandmother Oowala Formhals, grandfather Clyde Formhals, and uncle Alex Formhals. 

We who remain in our homes on earth are unspeakably saddened by Dan’s transition, which came much sooner than we expected or would have liked.  But we are grateful for the time we had with him, for the gift of his spirit and the fruits of his spirit, and we look forward to being with him in eternity when our time comes. 

Memorial donations may be made in Daniel’s honor to the Oklahoma Humane Society, https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=okhumane&id=1 .

A memorial gathering to honor and remember Daniel will be held on Sunday, October 22, 2023 from 1pm to 4pm at Paseo Arts Association at 3024 Paseo, Oklahoma City, OK 73103.

6 thoughts on “Daniel Travis Formhals”

  1. Melissa Fahringer

    Dan I’m really going to miss you and our conversations. You were such a talented complex, loving, giving and extremely talented, very smart book and streetwise amazing cook and horticulturalist. I love that you did what you did and you didn’t care what people thought the world said confine to this box and you shattered it. Rest sweet friend and feel no pain.

  2. Nicole Laster

    Dan, legendary is the most accurate word I can think of to describe you! So funny! Sheesh! The poster boy for keeping it real. I do much appreciate your uncompromising commitment to the truth. It’s honorable and brave. It set you apart. It made you better than the rest in my opinion. I’ll always love and remember your manner, essence and presence. The little things that made you you. Thank you for carrying me in your heart all these years. For taking care of me and looking out for me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being my friend. A part of myself is you and will always be connected to you. Nothing has changed about that. I will always carry you in my heart and I’ll talk to you there. There’s a rainbow above me now as I’m typing this. I’m going to take it as a sign that you can hear me. It’s okay sweet friend. I’ll see you again someday.

  3. Coury Morin Cox

    I will never forget getting on the bus, for the first time, at Classen SAS. He had a bright green mowhawk. He was so kind and offered me a seat. Later on we became really great friends. He literally saved my children’s and my life. I had a seizure right in front of him. He urged me not to drive and to tell my mother, as this was my second seizure, I’d had. I listened to him and told my mother, who am I to argue with someone so intelligent and who was witness to such trauma. Going on into our adult years, we would hand out, while Nicole and him were mastering the art of glass. We would hang out, he would cook us food and we would have intelligent and eye opening conversations. He was the most kind and loving person. He will truly be missed and he will always live in my heart. He was a true friend, unconditional and unwavering love. He will airways be a legend!

    1. Coury Morin Cox

      I thought I edited that. Unfortunately 2 dear friends in one week. I hope everyone understands my message!

  4. Alicia M Roedell-Clark

    I love Dan.. This saddens my heart but I have nothing but happy memories. I remember the first time I met Dan and his green Mohawk sitting on the stairs at a party at the Friedman’s when I was a 8th grader and my best friend Skylar lived with them. Not too long after I was frequenting the Formhal’s house after school. We got in a memorable spit ball fight that was disgusting yet a blast. I believe Greg Poole and Sam Griffin were apart of that. When I was in college in Colorado, Dan and Aaron lived in Albuquerque, they were my mid stop on the way home. Dan was always excited to show me his new glass blowing styles he was learning and would bless me with a piece when I departed. Dan is one of my favorites. I’m sad it’s been so long since we’ve reconnected. Life takes us on different paths sometimes. I’m sending love to all of Dan’s family and those who new him and loved him. I will cherish his sweet soul. Peace to you all. ♥️ Saltee

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