Barbara Ann Smith

Barbara Ann SmithSmith, Barbara


Barbara died in her sleep the night of June 7, 2017, and was found by her father John DePatie on the morning of June 8, 2017. Cause of death is currently unknown.

Barbara was a very intelligent and very loving. She held an RN and a MS in nursing and nursing education. She held a job with Archetype Innovations, Neere Perfect where she held the Director of Education, Curricular Integration Support Specialist. She earned the right to hold that job by working as a nurse in hospitals as a nurse and became a charge nurse. She taught as a Nurse Professor at Redlands Community College in El Reno, OK. She also worked for Trinity Hospice as Director of Clinical Services, and she worked as a Surgical Nurse at Weatherford Regional Hospital.

Barbara lived in Oklahoma most of her short life. In all her endeavors she made friends, and proved to be a strong leader. She loved animals and kept several dogs over time and loved them as her own child.

Barbara also had an artist’s eye. She made usable furniture and, wall and table décor. She could draw anything with colored pencils even though she had no training in this kind of art. She volunteered at the Children’s Volunteer League and the Oklahoma Animal Welfare Department.

Her most important asset was her Son, Andrew Joseph Smith. She loved Drew more than anything else in the world. When her Husband Michael Shane Smith died last year she was crushed, but was supported by Drew through the entire grieving process. Even with all the help Barbara never did recover. She died grieving for Mike and loving Drew.

Memorial services will be held at 2:00 p.m., Thursday, June 15th at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Edmond, OK.

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