Alex Hammer Sackeyfio

Alex Hammer Sackeyfio

1957-2017Sackeyfio, Alex

Biography of the late

Alexander Hammer Sackeyfio (aka Paa Nii)

Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man-the biography of the man himself cannot be written. – Mark Twain

Alexander Hammer Sackeyfio (aka PaaNii) the fifth child of Col (ret.) H.W.A.K. Sackeyfio and Ms. Agnes Sackeyfio (nee Elliott), was born in Takoradi 15 May 1957.

He completed his primary education at the Armed Forces Experimental School in Burma Camp in July l97l and gained admission into Mfantsipim School in September 1971 where he completed his O-level certification in 1976. He studied for his A-Levels at the University Practice Secondary School Cape Coast and gained admission to the University of Science and Technology in 1979. He later obtained a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering in Romania. He continued his education at Texas A&M as a PhD candidate in Petroleum engineering. Alex left Texas A&M after getting an outstanding opportunity with Union Pacific Resources in the Petroleum Engineering department at their Fort Worth Texas location. He later went on to work as a certified, petroleum engineer for RC2 where he worked domestically and in Mexico. After spending some time with RC2 he went on to work for Exxon Mobil where he spent most of his career. His work took him to various places like Brazil, Canada, England, Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and other far-flung places where ever there was oil. His travels eventually brought him home to Ghana where he worked for Tullow Oil. Alex worked for Noble Energy in Houston, Texas and most recently Devon in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where he calls home now.

Alex was born into the tight knit Sackeyfio and Elliott family clan that connects fathers, mothers, Uncles, Aunties, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces into one family unit. He was a man fiercely proud of his family and friends. He was always ready to assist in any situation pertaining to the family. He adored his three children, Nii Sackey, Adomah, and Nana Sam and his wife Elizabeth. A mischievous and happy child, Mama could always tell when her children were coming back from school when she heard Alex singing or shouting about something with his head sticking out the window of the car. He was jovial, adventurous and generous. His two greatest passions in life were music and aviation. He loved music and taught himself to play the guitar as well as the piano. He had lifelong interest in aviation, and he pursued that interest by getting his private pilot license. An intrepid aviator, he has flown to such places such as Washington D.C, California, Canada and Alaska from Houston Texas where he used to call home.

Alex had some health issues that became aggressive in the beginning of the year 2017, and then on March 2017, he breathed his last breath in the comfort of his home in Edmond, Oklahoma surrounded by his family.

Alex is survived by his wife Elizabeth, three children, his parents, nine siblings and numerous cousins’ nephews, and nieces.

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  1. Monica Kai Mills Beecham

    Alexiiiii,, Moniqueiiii, like we used to call ourselves. My heart is sore and heavy. You will be sorely missed dear Cousin. We would have been 60 together this year, but alas that could not be.
    Paa Nii rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord. Amen

    1. Monica Kai Mills Beecham

      My deepest condolences to my nephew and nieces and his widow Elizabeth.

  2. Ebenezer Coleman

    Paanii we were going flying this year, you promised. If you wanted to get out of it, you needn’t have left me like this. Dear brother, where ever you go, safe landings, safe landings. We will soon be flying with out engine. Safe landings, safe landings my brother.

  3. Marius Alexandru

    It is sad that such a good and happy person went so early. I remember Alex always being happy, generous, and helpful; we were colleagues between 1982 and 1987. The good old times…He sang Don’t worry be happy every time he had a chance. Always smiling…RIP my friend. I will miss you.

    Sincere condolences

  4. Alonsy as i used to call u, words fail me as usual. The saying gone too soon aptly applies here.
    when you left Ghana in 2014 we were all hoping to see you return to work back there in the not too distant future. Your two years spent here in Ghana were quite memorable. Who will now fight me over mpotompto prepared by our Aunty Ewuradwoa.
    Rest in peace and rise in glory my dearest brother and friend.

  5. SABATO kwabena asenso K-A

    “SALUT” – Lexis

    Rest Peacefully in the Bosom of the “All-knowing Lord”


  6. Dr. George Quarshie

    Alex in high school and beyond, was ever jovial and never bore a grudge-he even wore a smile when he was upset with you. We will miss you!! Rest peacefully in the Lord’s Bosom our dear good brother.


  7. Alex,
    My brother, classmate and friend. There is lot I want to say but not enough space.
    Suffice to say we shared some good times and some secrets.
    We will all miss your mischievous smile and antics.

    It is over now and I am sure you are at peace. What about those you left behind? We pray for all of them.
    I just can’t get over it

    Rest peacefully bro

    PS What shall I do with this other Nii Armah?

  8. BP Acquaah

    My condolences to the wife, children and the entire family. It is never easy to lose a loved one but my prayer is that the peace of God will rest on you all at this difficult time.

    Alex was a vibrant soul who literally lit up a room with his presence. He will be sorely missed.

    ” For all the saints, who from their labours rest,
    Who Thee by faith before the world confessed,
    Thy Name, O Jesus, be forever blessed.”

    Rest in peace centurion, my school mate. Fare thee well.

  9. Esi Awotwi

    What a loss!!! Though it has been a while since I last saw you, I still remember your kindness and welcoming smile.

    May your soul rest in peace.



    I remember Alex most for his constant smile, and his quick resort to jokes. If Alex was in any room, you can be sure there was humor and laughter there…

    We met at Kwabotwe, Mfantsipim, in September 1971, part of the group who would graduate in 1976 as the Centurions. Alex was a happy guy; a friendly guy, but a person of serious intentions. He did everything with gusto and to the max. Whether he was playing his guitar, or screeching the tires of the black Volkswagen Beetle he sometimes brought to campus, Alex did it with flair and bravado. We will miss you, dear brother. Rest in Peace, and may God comfort your family and friends.

  11. I was in class 7 at Ridge Church School and my classmate, Maurice Sackeyfio, invited me to his birthday party. Yeah, that is when I first met Alex. Maurice introduced Alex to us as his cousin. We hit it off almost immediately because unlike cool, quiet and reserved Maurice, Alex was full of life – a jokester and a prankster – qualities I truly admired. Most important of all, he loved music and adored some of my favorite groups: the Beatles, Santana, the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Osibisa.

    Months later, I am on Kwabotwe Hill and who do I meet again? Alex Sackeyfio! He is my Lockhart-Schweitzer housemate. And two of his cousins, K.B. Coleman (El Presidente) and Paa Kojo Hugh-Mills (Milantas) are my cotmates. In time, we all become good friends mostly because of our love for music.

    Spartacus R! Spartacus R! I can remember Alex talking excitedly about Osibisa’s bass player. He loved the way Spartacus R walked as he played his pulsating bass lines on “The Dawn”, “Akwaaba”, “Survival”, “Y Sharp” and so on. I can still see him playing air guitar and mimicking his musical idol – Spartacus R.

    But he loved Jimi Hendrix and Santana more.

    When we formed Purple Axis with four other Hendrix and Santana fanatics/freaks (Stephen Akuffo – Bob Lof on drums; Joseph Hayford – Chemps on Farfisa organ; Paul Aheto-Tsegah – Shizey B on vocals and K.B. Coleman – El Presidente on congas) he chose to play guitar and I ended up on bass

    Purple Axis. Let the show begin! Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Spartacus R, Deep Purple and Santana, band members began to think of wild and crazy antics and gimmicks to win the approval and applause of Kwabotwe school mates on jazz nights.

    Ah – lex! Ah -lex! Ah-lex!

    Yeah. Alex did it all. With his red and black school tie around his head, he pranced around the assembly hall stage like a voodoo chile, playing the guitar with his teeth, behind his back and even with a violin bow!

    His mischievous smile and the twinkle in his eyes will be missed.

    Alex, my Purple Axis brother, thank you for the music and happy times. Da yie.

  12. Yes, the music was great, even though we struggled with chords such as B flat in the beginning.

    One night, us little boys imitating superstars, decided to imitate the rock band Jethro Tull on stage. We went and fished out poor John Gordon Egyir-Croffet’s violin bow and appeared on stage with it. Alex set to imitating Jethro Tull’s guitarist by trying to play the guitar with the violin bow.

    Of course, not a sound came out of that guitar in spite of all the fiddling and grimacing with that violin bow!!! Was one of the funniest things that comes to memory now, but we were dead serious, seeking fame with that violin bow.

    The memory that stays with me the most was when Alex brought into being the catcall during film show night: “Abinga, let them fight!!” This became an oft repeated yell during movie nights, most people forgetting that Alex was the originator.

    I remember him bashing at improvised bongos one night when we took to singing gospel (SU) music, Alex letting out a shout, “Praise God!!!” in the frenzy of it all….

    I remember his frequent Mungo Park….

    Purple Axis, our band…..Alex’s wild Hendrix guitar poses…

    God Bless you, Alex, for all the fun and company you shared during those beautiful years.

  13. I have been putting off writing because it makes it all too real. I still cannot quite get my head round the fact that you are gone. I know we had not seen so much of each other over the past few decades but I always knew you were around and caught up with your news through Kai. To this day I cannot hear the name Jimmi Hendrix without thinking of you. .I remember how you used to wax lyrical about him when you came to visit me in school. I remember singing all the Osibisa songs back in the day.

    The speed of your departure was astonishing. .however I know you are now at peace I am thankful that you are no longer suffering.

    So sleep tight and God bless

  14. Carl Okpattah

    Sad to see you go so soon.
    “Oh death, where is thy sting? And grave, where is thy victory?”

    May your soul rest in perfect peace.

    May the Lord protect and comfort your children, family and all the loved ones you’ve left behind.
    My condolences to the Sackeyfio and Elliott families.

  15. At Mfantsipim, you were my cheerful housemate in Loco Schwa, and my classmate, in Form 4 and 5M. How can I forget your band, Purple Axis, and your antics on stage? For those geeks in school (myself included), you were our heroes. At school, you always had that easy smile, no matter what, and at out “InterCos”, you always seem to have a pretty girl on your arm. We were secretly envious.

    At Tech, I spent all my first year with you and Chris in your room in Katanga, plotting our exit from Ghana, vowing to meet ten years later under the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

    We all did meet eventually – me, you, Chris, Paa John, Harvey, Francis, in that first marvelous house you bought in Fort Worth, and under the Golden Gate bridge one September day a couple of years later….

    Despite the ‘hustle’ of trying to make it in America, you always had a smile, you never felt sorry for yourself, you never made a derogatory comment about anyone. And there you were, for all the fun and games, you achieved so much, working for Exxon and some of the biggest oil companies in the world, in roles of great responsibility.
    And look at what you achieved in your hobbies – flying across America in that little Cessna you bought! I was so proud of you and what you accomplished!

    And now you are gone – I cannot believe it. You were larger than life. You were one of our Princes; you brought joy to our lives. You brought joy to mine.

    I am proud to have had you as my friend. I will miss you dearly.

    – Awos

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